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Annie Day 21 Husky, Birch Wood Tree and Ume fruit

  Bells by Yamio 
DAY 21 - Siberian Husky, Birch Wood Tree & Ume fruit
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Annie blessings:
What kind: Siberian Husky, Birch Wood Tree & Ume Fruit
Eye traits: Glowing pupils
Rarity: Super Rare
About:  Siberian Husky are very intelligent and loves to explore and get into mischief! It is excellent at escaping and is very affectionate.
Due to it´s double coat it can handle the extreme winter cold very well. During summer their coat reflect away the heat. The Husky are one of the few breeds that almost never let out a bark.
You are most likely to hear them howling. Something they inherited as they are one of the few descendants from the extinct Taymyr Wolf!

Birch wood trees flourish in mild temperate climates all around the world, tend to grow near lakes and rivers, mainly cultivated for their fine wood and can live from 30 to 200 years. 
They tend to grow in groups together and enjoy the winter cold.~

Ume fruit are usually called plum in English though it is more closely related to the apricot, usually are pickled or dried and are beneficial as a digestive aid and prevention of nausea.
The Plum seed is a huge one so be careful when you eat it! No matter how tasty it is!

This Annie walks gracefully around with her huge Husky tail swaying behind her~
Trying to find clothing purely in black in white to praise her Husky and Birch blessing-- with accent of red to symbolize the Ume, she sure looks fancy.
Pearls and glitter, and a nice hairdue to show off. Is she a priestess? A cleric? 
Do you dare to ask? ~light cherry blossoms b 

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We can do fan art of Annies?
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Of course! ♥
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Awwww, she's adorable!!!!  I love the husky too.  Is he by any chance yours?
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She belongs to Memokkeen and is designed by KokoTensho ! ♥
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YASS! With this I can be a part of the Annieverse! :heart: 

Husky & birch is so perfect I love both *u* And ume/plum blossoms are wonderful as well... I got so lucky with this one! :iconasdfghplz:
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So glad you love her Memo! //V///// <333333333
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that turn out awesome looking so well done =3
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Yuuh yuuh! ♥
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nauuu wayy!! Huskies are my favorite aaaa  <33
she did an amazing job using the husky for the design<33
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Love them too! //V///
She did she did! ♥
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Haaaaan, I love Husky sooooo much!!!!! I think she's my new favorite now! <3
Is there a wolf yet? QAQ
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There one male wolf Annie that was released about 1 year ago! ♥
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Hey my OC is a husky puppy girl but really cool design on this
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Oooooh! Always more Huskies in the world needed! ♥
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how cute! :D (Big Grin) 
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