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Annie Day 17 Bighorn Sheep and Oregon Grape

  Bells by Yamio 
DAY 17 -Bighorn Sheep & Oregon Grape
            Bighorn Sheep By Atlasnir-daqg840 by Yamio  Mahonia Scented Yellow Winter Flowers By Atlasnir- by Yamio 

Annie blessings:
What kind: Bighorn Sheep & Oregon Grape
Eye traits: Normal round
Rarity: Uncommon
About:  Oregon Grapes are noted for their brazen color and low growth~
Not only are they beautiful with their prominent color but they are also good for medicinal use! They are used for digestive track ailments and skin infections. These Oregon grapes only live for 2 years, blooming delicious tart berries that can be used to make jelly. Yum yum!
Boiling the roots of Oregon Grapes will give you a yellow dye, allowing you to dye clothing and decorative materials! Despite it's amazing multi-use, it's also an invasive species of flower in some areas!

Bighorn Sheep have dark coats and during the summer and lighter coats during the winter. Usually its lightest is in spring right before it sheds it for their dark summer coat.
They are famous for their large curled horns! Their horns alone weigh about 30lbs (14kg) more than the combined weight of their bones in their body.
Giving them a very sturdy and strong neck! 

Intimidating or welcoming? This Annie dresses to impress. With a lovely back coat reminding of royalty--
Huge horns decorated with their well sought after flowers.. This Annie know how to make heads turn.
Of course she has bells on her so nobody will miss out when she walks by, she is a sight to be seen after all! ♥
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Berryzem's avatar
I love, love, LOVE the back coat! It looks so fluffy >/////<. It was a neat idea to use stars for adding bits of yellow elsewhere in the design~. 
Yamio's avatar
SAME!!! So fancy! //V/// <3333
JapanZelda's avatar
Ooooh, very nice design! ><
Yamio's avatar
Yush yush! ♥
AtlasNir's avatar
Thank you for your kind comments!
Trashochist's avatar
Ahhh i love her colors ><
Yamio's avatar
They are fancy! ♥
kirby144's avatar
Yamio's avatar
Awww haha ♥
kirby144's avatar
Lunaea loves sheep, she mostly just cuddles them.
Myuuna's avatar
Ahh so cute and colourful! I love the bright and happy colours and the fancy clothing!
I love especially the fancyness hehe ;w; well done AtlasNir 
Also the eye style is really unique, it gives a really cute effect
Yamio's avatar
She did so well! I love her style! //V// <3333
AtlasNir's avatar
Thank you so much!
MettaWaifu's avatar
AAA I want to draw some of them, can I?
Yamio's avatar
Always!! <33333
neru-ju's avatar
The details on her design is amazing!
Yamio's avatar
They are <33333
RebornRenewed's avatar
Hi! Can I use your art for my family calendar? They love your art!
AtlasNir's avatar
Hello, thank you so much, as long as it's for personal use without reposting publicly online and not mass reproduced/distributed, you may use it for your family calendar!
Yamio's avatar
You have to ask AtlasNir in this case as this is her art! ♥
Njaesen's avatar
Yamio's avatar
YUSH!! <3333
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