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Annie Day 06 Snowshoe Hare!

  Bells by Yamio 
DAY 6 - Snowshoe Hare!
  Snowshoehare by Yamio 
Annie blessings:
What kind: Snowshoe Hare
Eye traits: Normal round pupils
Rarity: Common
About: Fluffy big feet rabbit! 
Their fur turns white during the winter and rusty brown during the summer! they are more active at night and like to be cozy~
It´s called snowshoe hare due to it´s big feet that reminds of big snow shoes! Due to it´s lack of protein in it´s herbivore diet, this hare is also a carnivore! 
They tend to steal prey from others, such as mice and other rodents, and like to eat in group.

A warm red coat along side fluffy big boots to show off her specific blessing is a cute charm!
Golden embroidery is of course a must and a cute ribbon to to push the attention to her small cute ears~♥
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Xx-SakuraBlossum-xX's avatar
Can this be used for the Annie Valentine contest if I credit the owner of this? Thanks!
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your style is so beautiful! ;/////A////;
Yamio's avatar
Hyan´s style surely is!! ♥
Lxzerella's avatar
Oh sorry I did'nt saw this ;; BUT YOUR style is awesome too srsly I mean it! I looked at all of them but just commented on this qnq'  
xCuteLittleAngelx's avatar
This one is my favorite one so far~! She's perfect and fluffy!
Yamio's avatar
Glad you like it! //V/// <3333 She is one of my favs too!!
Cet-Chan's avatar
Such fluffy boooots! ~~ ♡♡♡
Yamio's avatar
Cozy cozy! ♥
XCream-Soarin's avatar
oh my god.... Those EAAAARS!!!!!! i wanna eat them.
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JapanZelda's avatar
Haaan, I really like this one too! She's really cute!
Yamio's avatar
She is super cute!! ♥
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AzureRat's avatar
She sure is adorable.
Yamio's avatar
YUSH! //V//
Rinnocent's avatar
Heart Animation this is so cute!! omg Heart Animation 
Yamio's avatar
INDEED //V/// <333
kiarastarz's avatar
this just brightened up my day!! much love and fluffy cuddles~La la la la Love 
Yamio's avatar
So glad you like it!! Love it too! //V// <3333
marlying's avatar
Ohhh, look at her mouth :3 it's adorable!

Good job Hyanna-Natsu
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Rinalinsky's avatar
aaaaaa she's so cute ; A ; my heart still swells with warmth when I see her, aaljsdkfjasdf-- so glad I ended up with this adorable baby. thank you for your hard work, Hyanna-Natsu !! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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dhsajdhsajkfdhak <3333 thanky ouu!
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