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African Violet Protea Annie [AUCTION] CLOSED

She is based of the the African Violet, and the Protea flower, which is South Africa´s national flower!
I really wanted to do an Annie with a more tropical theme! 
I really hope you will like her!
Her blessings and design was made together with the people from my stream!
So it was tons of fun ♥

Lore of Annie

African Violet Protea

♥Uncommon - 2 spirit blessings; African Violet and Protea
♥Common - Round pupils
♥ Uncommon -  endangered African Violet

Starting Bid: $20 / 2000Points
Minimum Increase: $5 / 500Points
Autobuy: 350$

TIER 1 80$ Get a Chibi doodle of your Annie!

TIER 2 160$ Get a chibi sketch of your Annie!

TIER 3 AB Get full access to a full NEW Illustration of your Annie [PNG+PSD+Speedpaint] 

WINNER :iconseiiah:

Auction time: 48 hours (2 days) from the upload date.

If someone bids within 1 Hours before the auction ends, the auction will be extended by another hour to prevent sniping.


 By bidding, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service - Annies

Serious bidding only; backing out of the auction at any point by editing or retracting your bid will result in a ban from my species and auctions. Fake bids will also result in a permanent ban.

You must bid under the comment Bid here!

If a new bid, you reply to the previous bid.

Your account must be at least 2 months old.  

You must be able to pay within 24 hours after you have won. 

-When bidding, please specify if you are bidding in $$ or Points

 -The winner will receive the un-watermarked, larger version.

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gemoholic's avatar
I love how you gave her long hair and it's blonde. The stereotypes that black people don't have long hair or that straighteners don't exists or that black people cant rock blonde hair is annoying
Vocaloidfan1106's avatar
Excuse me... Sorry for the interruption but I saw someone on another social media platform called amino that has used this picture without permission, claiming that its their ocs instead. ;;
TheFabulousGilbear's avatar
OMG This can't be legal... way too cute Kao Emoji-91 (In love) [V5] 
uberbomb's avatar
is adorable so cute and beautiful ! 
b-Eggot's avatar
This one is my very favorite. The colors are sooo beautiful, but she truly looks like the African Beauty! (Which she issss)
Not to mention the beautiful Art style, suits her so much! ///
Dannie-20nine's avatar
I'm in love with this one
NasikaSakura's avatar
Whoa!! She looks AMAZING and so incredibly unique!!!
Sushi-o's avatar
She is very pretty! I really love the colors. They flow nicely together. :aww:
iLittleKawaii's avatar
beautiful kawaii art of a black lady ♥
since i'm black myself, this cheers me up so much ♥
Pokespecshipper's avatar
wow...damn where's my thesauraus
CristalAhser's avatar
Her eyes are so pretty !
Clamychan's avatar
Makaylafashion's avatar
I love her hair!!
S3XYPotato3's avatar
I just saw this on twitter what a coincidence um steven? 
Jellyfishbubblez's avatar
Wow Yamis this is stunning!! :love:
Whaaa those colours! I'm totally in love with the design!! <333333
ZeDerpyKitten's avatar
It's to die for ;n;
RaiiningStars's avatar
guahh shes soo pretty <3
Lubunni's avatar
the autobuy price though xD she's beautiful!! uvu
Cyanni-Ibara's avatar
She is so so beautiful!!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6]  I wish I had the points to buy her!!Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
Mirishiru's avatar
I just simply adore the shading on this ;///v///;
blulau's avatar
ahh so lovely !!
Gameressence's avatar
sae-midori's avatar
Meiko Honma Menma (Excited) [V1] ~salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet Yami, she is so beautiful! She feels so exotic and so unique! I especially love her golden honey glowing eyes - they're absolutely gorgeous! Everything about her from the perfectly matching Protea and African Violet theme to her amazing color palette to her fantastic outfit feels so incredibly special. She simply radiates happiness! Awwww, brilliantly done, Yami! Just looking at her makes my heart light up with sunshine. kaomoji set 2 28/67 
Elirel's avatar
I absolutely adore this design!
:happybounce: Heart 
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