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Adorannie 2020 | Day 4|2



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Day 4|2
Blessing NameChristmas Cactus | Blanc de Hotot
How Many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Eyes: Heart-shaped pupil

Description of Blessings and Annie:

Christmas Cactus, a plant in the Schlumbergera family, is so named because of its flowering time
in the Northern Hemisphere, from late November to late January. Unlike many other cacti, Christmas
cacti and their relatives don’t live in arid environments. Their natural habit is one of an epiphyte living
in tree branches in the rain forests of Brazil, so they prefer a humid climate over a dry one.

The Blanc de Hotot is a French rabbit breed named after the area in which they were developed,
Hotot-en-Auge. Its lustrous fur is always white, with black bands around the eyes, giving the breed
"the appearance of fine spectacles around the eye". Even though their personality can differ from
one individual to another, Hotots are generally quite calm and docile rabbits that thrive on attention.

Optional Personality:

Spell books scattered all over the wooden floor, potion jars filled with mysterious concoctions... ¿
Is that foamy, pink liquid even safe to drink? This little spellcaster seems to find peace among all
this chaos, adorned with over-the-top ribbons from head to toe and with a playful, yet loving glint 
in her eyes. A potion brewer in the making, her bunny companions provide her with all the ingredients
anyone could think of... sometimes leading to the strangest beverages ever. ¿Do dragon scales and 
strawberries even go together? With a golden spoon in hand, this cheeky Annie is ready to find out!

SB: 220$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 500$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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Omfg this is so adorable