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:iconkissinguplz:HAPPY VALENTINES DAY:iconkissingplz: 
You all invited to the special dates with stunning Annietine ladies-- and a boy-- Which heart grabs your attention? 
          Yamiannie Heart By Vi Rina Kane Hyan Pem By Pemiin by Yamio     
If you are interested in Annies please check out their group! 

Lore of Annie

Each Annie has a base price the auction starts on! 
Common = 50$. (Day 14) 
Uncommon = 60$. (Day 15)
Super Rare = 75$ (Day 16)
Mythical = 100$! (Day 17)
Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!

   Day 19 - Pink Rose and Unicorn by Yamio 

 Here are the amazing artists who have designed Annie adopts for the Annietine!    
:iconyamio: :iconpemiin: :iconvipop: :iconneko-rina:   
:iconhyanna-natsu: :iconkanekiru: :iconsueweetie::iconpunisama:

& special thank you to Njaesen for the tremendous help with critiques and advice!

Auction will be held for each Annie on their individual deviation! ♥

 By buying, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service - Annies

Serious buyers only; if you retract your claim you will be banned from purchasing Annies again.

They will all be 72H long auctions.

An Invoice will be sent by the artist in question.

You must be able to pay within 24 hours after you have claimed a day. 

-When buying, please specify if you are bidding in $$ or Points.

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LadyAkia's avatar
how did they draw crystal???? its so beautiful????!!!!???
NayungBts's avatar
WOw, this is so beautiful ! ^^
mufflins's avatar
Fhlen's avatar
hmmm I see horns<333
Super excited to see the final annie! >7<
Berryzem's avatar weird that I'm actually getting a bit emotional seeing the final heart? I wanted to get a closer look and when it said in the title it's by so many people working together...:happycry: you guys are awesome. even if I misunderstood that completely, you're still awesome for helping out with the event
ViPOP's avatar
thank you Berry >w< <3 you didn't misunderstand! We all pitched in to help and we're so happy to see this event through ! <3 
Berryzem's avatar
Ohhhh good, good (I was tired but I had to post before going to bed XD) and you're welcome I'm glad to hear that~ ^////^
Alumerie's avatar
MintSundae16's avatar
Wow this is really creative! Great Job c:
FlauscheBaellchen's avatar
soo cute *w* from the harts i like 14 and 16 the moste x3 because i really like the colores :D
MettaWaifu's avatar
How cute are these!!
rainbowsweetiemusica's avatar
i claim dee second one
ViPOP's avatar
To buy an annie, you reply with a higher bid to the comment of the most recent Bid --- which will be on the specific annie deviation and not on the calendar here <3 Payment is via points or paypal. 
rainbowsweetiemusica's avatar
G-rumpyKitty's avatar
i'm just staring at these hearts because they look so beautiful and well done and i hope one day i'll get to be as cool as u all are, and draw stuff like this ._.
ColdHandsNWonderland's avatar
I just want to make as much money as she does... SHe gets like $110 and more.
G-rumpyKitty's avatar
well she seems to have worked really hard to earn this, i really respect people like that.
I'm sure you'll get there too someday.
ColdHandsNWonderland's avatar
Doubt it, Even though I work hard.. I'm horrible at art. ^^'
ViPOP's avatar
Work for it 8D
ColdHandsNWonderland's avatar
;v; Brb, selling my soul to Satan.
ViPOP's avatar
mm no need to go that far haha. Consider the artists you know ;w; We didn't take easy ways out nor was it a one step process. It takes months to years of work but you can do it if you put your mind to it. 
ColdHandsNWonderland's avatar
Nahhh. My art is pretty horrible, It's always been for my whole life, even though I'm constantly drawing. ;v;
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