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Hey all, due to popular demand, I'm finally taking online commissions!

Slots are very limited, so snag 'em while you can! <3

Hey all! I’ve got some original art for sale: a watercolor painting of Lillie and Cosmog from Pokemon Sun/Moon!

The July wallpaper is available (early!!) for $5+ Patrons!

Hello guys!! We have an announcement to make regarding updates starting July 3rd.

As some of you may know, Elena hasn’t been feeling so well! She’s been battling a pesky sinusitis that won’t go away, so now she has to undertake minor surgery to get that fixed. She’ll be perfectly all right, but we are SKIPPING UPDATES FOR ONE/TWO WEEKS, to allow her to recover.

So there will not be Comic or Missing Moments updates for at least a week, possibly two. Hopefully, Elena will be feeling better by then! And after that we’ll return as regular.

BUT!! We’re not leaving you guys just hanging ;)

We’ll be taking submissions for Guest Art until July 2nd! All who wish to participate need only send your art, and how you’d best like to be credited (links to any social media, and so on and so forth) to the Sister Claire email:

admin AT

The Guest Art will be showcased in the Comics page (so right here) throughout the week, or weeks.

A few ground rules:

  1. Safe for Workplace only! No full frontal nudity.  Butts are fine.  So are wigs that cover the nips.
  2. No gore.
  3. Fanon characters are welcome, as long as a canon character is also depicted!
  4. Don’t forget to let us know how you’d like to be credited! Include what name you’d like to use, links to social media, etc etc.
  5. There’s no limitation on page number, though we only have two weeks tops to showcase the submissions, so we’d appreciate shorter entries.
  6. For dimensions, get the PSD template for Sister Claire here!  Get the JPEG template for Sister Claire here!
  7. The deadline for submissions is July 2nd! 

Ash and Laura will also be cooking up some cool things for that week, so keep posted for future announcements ;)

We can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!!

— The Sister Claire Team

Hello everyone!! We have a cool announcement to make! Next month, June 5th through June 8th, we’re having a Week of Lives! Click here for the livewrite/livedraw schedule!

We’re dedicating this week to every sort of love — especially for all our wonderful LGBT readership. Sister Claire’s created by and for the LGBT community, and we wanted to celebrate us, so be sure to come and have fun!

We’ll be holding a poll so everyone can weigh in on their favorite Sister Claire couple! Click here to vote!

The top two will be featured, plus two other surprises by Ash, and we’ll be closing the week with a livedraw! So don’t forget to vote! And we hope to see you there!

(Signal boosts appreciated!)

May wallpaper is up for $3 Patrons! 

I'll be doing an Steven Universe livedraw tonight at 9pmEST! Starring... 💜  AMETHYST! 💜 

See you at the usual place!

Beloved Sister Claire readers!

Do you like to cook, bake, or just play around in the kitchen?
Would you like a special, one-of-a-kind watercolor artwork or sketch from Yamino?

If your answer to both above questions is yes, HOT DOG! You’ll be happy to know that as of today, 2/28, we’re having a SISTER CLAIRE COOKING CONTEST!

How to participate:
• Cook, bake, assemble, or somehow craft with food one of your favorite things from the Sister Claire universe! This favorite thing can be a character, a place, an object, or even a Sister Claire-oriented theme. Get creative!
• Take a picture of your finished creation! Bonus points if you also include photos of your process. We’d love to see your craftsmanship in action!
• Either post the picture of your finished creation to your own Tumblr blog under the #SisterClaire tag or submit it to the Sister Claire Tumblr blog, along with a brief description of your creation, the ingredients, and why you chose to make who/what you did! (Example: “This is Sister Oscar! She’s made of celery and edible glitter. I made her because she is my favorite character, and because she sparkles a lot, which is awesome.”)

We will be reblogging or posting every submission we receive! 
 Submit your entries by March 11, 2017. We will number the entries as we receive them, place all those numbers in a hat, and draw THREE RANDOM WINNERS from the hat on March 12, 2017, to be announced with the comic page the following day!

The first winner drawn will receive the watercolor artwork. The other two winners will receive their choice of either a hand-drawn or digital sketch of their favorite Sister Claire character.

Yamino and Ash

Did you know? By supporting Sister Claire on Patreon, you can get your OC cameos, handwritten postcards, and more!

See you there, #stevenuniverse fans!

$3+ patrons on 
our Patreon can now download this month’s wallpaper (as well as all the wallpapers from previous months!)  Check it out!


For the month of September, we will only be updating with comic pages on Mondays. Why, you ask? 

We are no longer reaching our twice-weekly comic update milestone onPatreon.

To be clear, we’re no longer making $1000/month on Patreon. For a couple of months now we’ve been hovering just below the $1000 mark, and while we’ve continued the double updates despite being not quite where we needed to be, it’s not sustainable for us to go on doing that! 

Sister Claire is an enormous part of our livelihood, dear readers. When we’re making $1000 or more a month on Patreon, we’re financially able to devote the time to Elena doing two comic pages a week. When we don’t hit that mark, Elena has to seek out other projects to help keep us clothed, sheltered, and supplied with copious amounts of bubble tea.

Do you want your twice-weekly comic page updates back? Help us reach our milestone goal again! 

If you haven’t yet pledged to our Patreon, please consider doing so! You’ll get so many goodies! Our Patrons receive early updates, concept art, access to progress sketches, cool wallpapers, postcards, special stories, cameo characters… and soon we’re gonna be making our Patreon even better by rolling out a special NSFW tier. Hot dog!


Can’t pledge but still want to help? That’s wonderful! Please spread the gospel! Reblog our posts on social media! Tell your friends about Sister Claire! And as always and ever, dear readers, stick with us. Enjoy the story (or tell us if we break your hearts). Leave us comments, tell us your thoughts, and stay in touch: you make our world go ’round.

Yamino and Ash

For just $5 you can get access to all my behind the scenes processes on Patreon!

Come join us! <3

Livedraw at 10pm EST:

 What should I draw? Lapidot? Ruby/Sapphire?

We’re having a livedraw at the usual place:

See you there at 11pm EST!

We're having a casual livedraw today at 6pm EST! Gonna finish some Patreon sketches =)

Livedraw tonight at 9PM EST! Tune in to see this month's wallpaper get colored!

YO!! it’s the first livedraw in FOREVER! We’re so excited to finally hang out and draw and answer questions with you guys again!

Meet us at 8PM at our Picarto page to watch me work on this wallpaper… possibly the most epic one yet??

P.S. Don’t forget, we have a livewrite/draw schedule now! Check it out to see when you can watch us write/draw and come chat!

See you there! <3


Dear everyone,

Tomorrow is the soft deadline for submitting guest pages to Sister Claire! If you can’t get your submissions in by tomorrow and need a little extra time, that’s okay, but please let us know if we should expect something from you!  It will help us with planning how to roll out the updates over the next couple of weeks.  =)

To everyone who has already submitted guest pages:  they are fabulous.  YOU are fabulous.  We are so honored to receive them, and delighted, and we’ve loved every single one!  Thank you so much!

>>>Please see THIS POST for the rules about submitting guest pages.<<<

Yamino and Ash