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Xmas Amethyst

Merry xmas to those who celebrate it! Who's hype for the new and upcoming Steven Bomb? *waves hands frantically*
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I think I might be getting the vapors!Embarrassed blush

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Amethyst should have this look also in the TV series!  Horny revamp   Congratulations by this great work! clap remake 1b 
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Amethyst has boobies. I love it.
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Gorgeouuuuuus :love:
Love her shirt! I just knew she'd look great in your style.
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I could so see her doing that.
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Now I'm just picturing Amethyst dressed as Santa, with Pearl, Garnet and Steven dressed as elves. Pearl's desperate to have Garnet take over as Santa while Steven marvels at Peridot building robo- reindeer.
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Merry Christmas! I'm so freakin' excited for the next Steven Bomb!
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I'm too ready for Steven Bomb. STEVEN HYPE
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amethyst looks gorgeous in your style! love the t-shirt, too!  well done!
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AH I love this (and the colors sort of remind me of Gabby too! :'D )
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