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Together Breakfast... Sort of... Tshirt


Homeworld, or EARTH FOREVER!? You can show where your loyalty lies (or look totally awesome with a friend) with the much awaited sequel to the Together Breakfast shirt.  It’s Together Breakfast… sort of.

Get the Crystal Gem version here!

And the Homeworld Gem version here!

And see my other shirt designs here. ;)

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I know this is an old post, but watching your process videos on you tube are always a joy and inspiration to watch! Thank you for doing what you do :) (especially with Sister Claire and the great cast of characters you and Ash have created fabulously!)
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Hmmm....tried to see about using this website to see if my own images would work well for a Tshirt design, and couldn't get it to do anything. The 'Get Started' section doesn't work at all, and even though I created a profile, the 'upload' button keeps asking me to do it again. *sigh*
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Y'know there's a Welovefine T-shirt Design Contest for Steven Universe, have you submitted this design yet?
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^^ You should draw more of the Homeworld Gems!