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Together Breakfast!

This will be sold as a poster at Animazement and Connecticon!
It's also available as a tshirt:
Together Breakfast! T-shirt by Yamino
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The essence of Together Breakfast!Waffles Waffles Waffles! 
luciditytrap's avatar
I'm in love with this 
love123303's avatar
I think garnets leg is bent or it just disappeared
Corichii's avatar
Wheres Garnets leg it disappears :'0
CottonSweetie's avatar
yey Garnet can toast bread with her hair!
atram95's avatar
Is Stunning!!
PulpAction-Gal's avatar
My favorite Gem is Pearl :)
silvershy22's avatar
ok i got a question. how did you get the image of the shirt to show up in description? im having a hard time doing it and would like some help.
boris-the-red's avatar
It looks like Amethyst stole Pearl's eggs.
georgy000's avatar
rosebvrst's avatar
So Garnet's hair IS a toaster...
getrekt7's avatar
I wish my breakfast was like that :p
Deogal's avatar
garnet wtf?????
panda-pencils's avatar
I need money for this omg
LadyinStumptown's avatar
Everything about this picture is great. Every little detail puts a grin on my face! :D (Big Grin) 
Burning-Question's avatar
This is one of the best SU fan arts I've ever seen :D
DrDiscoDaFunkyArtist's avatar
Toaster hair. I love it.
jackalu09's avatar
how to basic with the crystal gems lol
Uroboros18's avatar
i'd watch the fuck out of that
TheKomodoMatt99's avatar
Oh god that would be one BIG mess then...especially from Garnet.
Uroboros18's avatar
They would need a f*ckton of eggs for that too
TheKomodoMatt99's avatar
Yeah eggs...amongst other things too.
zhantallian's avatar
Uroboros18's avatar
i'll trow all my money at the first person to make one
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