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Three Good Gems

I brushed up an old sketch to make a new print/shirt!  It’s a fusion of the best mom trios ever.  You can get it here for $14!
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so.... who's Maleficent? Yellow Diamond?
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Cute, I just love the use of color and the Jems Heart 
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This is a pretty cute idea!
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omg this is just a perfect crossover ! and so cute ! i'm gonna buy for me and my friend I HAVE TO
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exept for garnet the color palets fit better to the homeworld gems , but we all know they are very bd gems (mostly)
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I can't wait for the episode when Steven pricks his finger and Connie has to fight a dragon.
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Thats' be amazing :0 Would Jasper be the dragon?
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I don't know, is she Diablo or Maleficent? Theoretically Yellow Diamond should be the Big Bad.
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True but we haven't seen YD yet, so Jasper is the stand-in^^'
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Oh gosh this is perfect!  I could also see Pearl being Flora since she fights with Merriweather a lot like Pearl does with Amethyst but Garnet fits as Flora since she's the leader and all.  :3
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I might get this for my daughter. She can't get enough of Steven.
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That's the cutest thing I have ever seen yet! Meow :3 
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does this make steven aurora
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Stop making such awesome shirt designs!!
I'm broke and the amount money I need keeps piling up! XD
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