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WOW. Thank you so much Gaga, and thank you so much fellow Monsters, for tracking down my profile and telling her who to credit! Thank you Deviantart for promoting me in the poll, and thank you everyone leaving such nice comments. I was so overjoyed to come home from the con to this. Seriously, I can't express my gratitude to all of you. <3 More Gaga pics coming soon!

I sang a song to thank you: [link]

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I love Lady Gaga so much, and when "Telephone" came out today, I almost peed myself from happiness. I had to draw this up in time to get up early tomorrow and print it before I head out to Yaoi/Yuricon in Arnhem, Netherlands. Thanks to "Telephone", I have no choice but to ship Gaga/Honey B like it's my JOB. <3
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