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WOW. Thank you so much Gaga, and thank you so much fellow Monsters, for tracking down my profile and telling her who to credit! Thank you Deviantart for promoting me in the poll, and thank you everyone leaving such nice comments. I was so overjoyed to come home from the con to this. Seriously, I can't express my gratitude to all of you. <3 More Gaga pics coming soon!

I sang a song to thank you: [link]

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I love Lady Gaga so much, and when "Telephone" came out today, I almost peed myself from happiness. I had to draw this up in time to get up early tomorrow and print it before I head out to Yaoi/Yuricon in Arnhem, Netherlands. Thanks to "Telephone", I have no choice but to ship Gaga/Honey B like it's my JOB. <3
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Your blogs and its stuff are so notable and worthwhile it can make me return.
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Wow your Gaga's are awesome. Which one were you saying she retweeted?
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love that song! how about 'born this way'?
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OH MY GOSH I love all the textures in this picture!! Good job!
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OMG! Wish i could put this in my room right above my desk! I LOVE IT SO MUCH, you are really really good!
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most amazing gaga poster in the universe no one can beat how amazing this poster is
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I love mommy monster too :heart: :squee: ^^ telephone is one of my favorite songs of her ;)
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I love it, and think about the posibilities of a comic about it, soo cool my friend you won a watcher!
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Dam awesome picture ^.^
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Hehe This meme sums this picture up :D
I found a poster of this in a free box in a weird building. I can send a pic of you'd like
i have a poster of this. I found in a free can in Easthampton, MA. It was the last one so I snatched it up
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Hmm... it was probably a pirated copy. =/
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Ughm my friend and I were scrolling through videos of people's tattoos on the internet and we found this one of this exact picture on a guy here -------> [link] P.S if you do watch it skip to 0:45 to see the tattoo, i dont know if it is real or not o__O. Just want tolet you know
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It is real, Gaga even tweeted it a long time ago. XD; DOn't know how i feel about it.
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I would be proud ,but then again did you ever get any credit for it?
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Not for the tattoo, no. And a lot of people started selling the picture on tshirts and things without my permission as well.
Bah... it's partly my fault for not watermarking it before it went viral. XD;
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Yah, I noticed sorry about that :\
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I-I Think The Drawing Is B-Beautiful
Pretty From The Inside
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Here's a funny parody of that music video. [link]
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