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Tali is so Moe Moe

By Yamino
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Look! It’s a Femshep Femship! HA.

I drew Korra Shepherd, because she’s my fav. I wish you could make her hair actually look like that in the game. =P
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That is just so perfect!
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I love the reveal in the third game that Tali, despite being *totally* strait, is (sorta) gay for Femshep
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If the Reapers had a chance before, they sure as hell don't now...
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I have no idea what is going on, but I like it.
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As a paragon man shepard (with handlebar mustache) who was involved with Liara, I felt bad turning Tali and Jack down.
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I would love to make my Shepard look like Korra...maybe there's a mod or something...somewhere. >.< Really want this now! I love that it's in B&W with Tali's sweat drops and blush the only color. Awesome job!
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shepard is evil ;)
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omg I didn't know you liked Mass Effect. Ugh I love Tali she's adorable this is perfect aaahhhh
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I really, really wanted Tali to be a romance option for either Shepard, because she's just adorable. <3
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YEEEESSSSS Omg. Korra!Shepherd ftw! And Tali!!! She's adorable! I love her! If Liara wasn't in the game then I'll totally go for Tali! For now she's my bro!
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Character from the Mass Effect game series.
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thanks for telling me
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I wish this was a cannon romance....*sigh*
So cute together....
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da frak look at em tali environmental suit DETAILS!!!
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Oh my, Tali. >:3
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Korra. Shepherd.

Dear sweet everything holy cuss man. <3
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yeah her hair would look sweet that way! ferver huh riiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhht!
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arrgggggggggg Im gonna die
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Omg, I love Tali so much. They have to add a FemShep/Tali romance option in Mass Effect 3. I was seeing the subtext all over the place in ME2.
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