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Sister Claire: Comic Update


Friendly reminder: If you like reading our comic, you might consider supporting us on Patreon! ( ) As a Patron, you can get a lot of cool rewards, like monthly wallpapers, concept art, even personal postcards from me and Ash! Your support is what helps us keep up double weekly updates!

See you next Monday for the next comic page!
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This should be one interesting story.
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... This is disturbing. At first I thought 'wow, trippy colors' but when you get down to it, she's forcing herself into Oscar's mind to find answers. 
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I'm going to guess after all this time, it's Sister Agatha back to cause Hana more misery.
monthgirl's avatar
nice taako cameo :D
SP4RR--0W's avatar
darn, just as I left home
kaitrashie's avatar
OOOoOoo very eXCITED
RoguishBard's avatar
Yowch. It's like the aftermath of a miscarriage. Poor Claire.
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die with a smile 
RoguishBard's avatar
Aw shit, mecha-wolf is in the house! Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote 
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Nothing can withstand the Afro Kamehameha!
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"Your ragewife is being a stubborn baby again!"

Totally adding "ragewife" to my list of colloquialisms. 
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If I may offer a suggestion, it would seem the link isn't working for some people.

The solution appears to be changing the link from to
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why can't i see the comic page? :(
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same here, for several weeks now, I can't see the comic from the links they've been putting on here. Gotta go to the site myself if I wanna see them. Very annoying! :P All those extra clicks and stuff...... ;D
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The return of Jackson's electric Afro.
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Poor, poor thing. :(
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This can't be good.
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Bad Touch, Azi. Bad Touch.
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Olga's (not so) fabulous Moment!
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Oh God...
Here we go again.
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