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Princess Bubblehooves

By Yamino
I would adore a Princess Bubblehooves plush. @_@
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Have you considered entering this in the crossover contest being run my Caashley?…

...I ask because I was thinking of doing a PB pony...and then I found yours :-P
jonnando2000's avatar
Why she have no wings? :3
porcelainparasite's avatar
Im really not a fan of adventure time but this design is just wayyyy too adorable not to fav. Wonderful job.
eleanorlover101's avatar
No offense but shouldn't she have wings?
She is a PRINCESS...
And aren't most of them alicorns?
Even twilight had wings but I still love this!
Yamino's avatar
I didn't feel live giving her wings. It made her design too busy. But you're free to draw your own interpretation however you like.
eleanorlover101's avatar
Yeah I understand why you didn't and your right it looks better this way. :)
And thank u so much for awnsering my comment! :)
Your like my number 1person on deviant art and I love all your sugarless gum pics!
YamiKariShadow6's avatar
Kool bubble princess
deathshadow0426's avatar
isn't marcy's hair supposed to be longer than bubble hooves?
crystalchaos4848's avatar
neeto!!! i can totally picture that being bubblegum
That's what I THOUGHT.
eleanorlover101's avatar
ur good at like everything!
teamint's avatar
if anyone were to want to commission this as plush for themselves would you allow them to ?
Yamino's avatar
Sure, as long as you show me the result! I'd love to see it. =)
Mespritt's avatar
can i plushie this?
Yamino's avatar
I'd love to see the result!
mizu07's avatar
Yes! This is the perfect design!
lizzyleefree's avatar
I would flip out for 248.5 hours if they had an episode of MLP witht this pony!
hyperhurricane's avatar
plush toy you say? DO WANT. *_*
LeNoraNightFluffyTai's avatar
OMG this is soooooooooooo cute
FaerianaShalanor's avatar
this is so cute will you do Marcie, Fionna, and Flame Princess??? :3
A-young-soul's avatar
Aww soo cute, Lovely artwork
PeachPencils's avatar
She makes a good pony!
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