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Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby

By Yamino
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Pearlnet's not dead, y'all.
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So.. A threesome?
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poly you uncultured swine
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Hello stringer :)
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Can we please call Ruby x Pearl 'molten salt reactor'?
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Yess!!! So cute.
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This is so lovely
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So cute. And kind of sad after the problems they've had after Cry for Help. They still won't be this huggy for a while even if they were before.
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She's their prisoner of love.
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I'm really starting to ship Pearlnet
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"Don't cry, Pearl."

If I keep going through this gallery I'm going to be dead from the cuteness before long.
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Thank you... It's messed up that almost every Pearlnet shipper passed. Pearlnet must live on!
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Does this count as Pearlnet? 
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AWW. this is the loveliest! I loooove their poses! and expressions. :heart:
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I'm gonna ship whatever I please! Whether it be canon or not. So I still ship Pearlnet :).
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This pic is really cute, but I'm sorry, Pearlnet IS dead, just as every ship that includes Garnet, herself said that "three's a crow" in the episode "Love Letters". u_u
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I drew this before that episode came out, but even so, I don't really care. People can ship whatever they want.
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Yeah, that's true. I still like Pearlnet too. n_n
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