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Braille version:

For an assignment in my Master's degree, I have to come up with a logo for my project (which will be Nightingale.) This is the result of a lot of tweaking, but I'm still trying to figure out a way to incorporate some Braille text there without making it too clunky.

Designing something for Sofie is really hard, because she has a very elegant, simple aesthetic, and her logo should reflect that. I was inspired by Victorian cameo portraiture, which is always in silhouetted profile like this. Sofie has a very conservative, classical sort of personality, so it suits her. XD
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Hmm... now that I've seen both, I'd have to say I like the braille better. I think it's cool, though, that the "N" is a part of her cape (poncho?). It's really neat.
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y the name nightingale?
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Wow it looks so clean! Beautiful!
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Wow, I really love the N, it's very elegant and the typography is well integrated♥
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I love this logo here, so smoooooth.
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This looks amazing
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I'm impressed that you remembered to set the alt tag for something other than "image!" This is another nice piece of work from you.
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Well, I like them both but I would say that if you wanted to add some Braille to it, you should try a combo like the icon for the #Nightingale-Club .
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Yeah, I might. I would rather have braille that a blind person could read if embossed, though.
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Ahh I understand. Well can you do more than one? So you can alternate between the two?
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Lovely! Very elegant! Nothing too excessive, like those other logos we see nowadays. It's simple, it's something that sticks in your head. The letters are really sophisticated and pretty as well.
You did a great work!! :D
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I've never really liked logos with excessive art to them, I prefer simple ones like DC Comics or EA Games because they're bold and get your attention. But like you said, Sofie isn't an action superhero or a hard hitting video game.

In the end a logo needs to stick in your head and the simple two tone makes the complex outline work for me. I think this logo is going to stick in my head. Nice work :)

p.s. When do we get our copies? I want to read it!!!
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I like it so I'll write down some thoughts and try to be helpful:
It's a bit too detailed for the silhouette logo idea - the little hairs at her throat and neck and the tiny ends of her curls. While looking at it in my new deviations stack those details seem like clutter.
I realize she's supposed to have her blindfold because I know the character, but it's not very clear from the image. Also at the back of her head there's the ribbon redundancy becasue of the blindfold - there's the hair ribbon and the twin ribbons from the blindfold.
There's a big empty black space at the center of the head that I'd try to use either for some braille (prolly tried that, huh?) or try to make the blindfold in another color to see if it would work.
Anyway, I like it.
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Braille text, hm? Maybe just below the 'Nightingale' text; kind of sandwich it between the bottom parts of the two 'g's? That might work, idk. :shrug:

Gorgeous silhouette. I'm definitely getting the 'classy and sophisticated' vibe from this.

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Yeah, I tried multiple times to have BOTH the text and the Braille, but no matter how I try it looks clunky.

I'm just polishing off a "Braille only" version that looks pretty good. The problem is, it's unreadable (except to blind people, if it was embossed!) Well, this is just one of the many challenges I have to solve for this series, and I love it. It's really making me think. XD
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I can see how it would be a challenge; the logo you have here is so streamlined, it would be hard to add anything else without making it seem overdressed.

Well, keep at it! I BELIEVE IN YOU~
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Lovely! Is there supposed to be a bandage around her eyes? I'm wondering at the three bumps just below her bangs.
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Yep, there is! Here is a better picture of her costume: [link]
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Okay then! And since it was obvious what was going on, even through the silhouette, I would say that this is quite successful. Well done!
I think you did a great job with this logo (very elegant). I also liked before, when you encorporated brail into the Nightingale.
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Thanks! The problem I had with that logo is that the "braille" I added is just for looks- it doesn't actually mean anything at all. XD I'd eventually like to have a nice embossed logo that even blind people could read.
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Gaah, so pretty!
I want to mention, though, that it's difficult to notice she's wearing her blindfold; the ribbons in the back look at first glance to be part of her bow. I can't think of a way you'd be able to make it more noticeable, though. Maybe it'd be better if you scrapped it altogether?
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