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Made of Love

A little doodle to celebrate today's Steven Universe episodes!
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They all look so precious. :heart:
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AWW. so lovely! :heart: I love their poses and expressions!
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EEP!  Omg it's too perfect.
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omg the cutest!!! They are soooo beautiful!!
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Aaaaaaaaaw so adorable :D 
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They form such a beautiful heart. X3
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Really just the most darling thing imaginable, wasn't it?  Just Garnet's whole... everything.  She was already an enormously affable cartoon character, and now she's one of the most unique as well.  And one of the most well realized!  Lovely pictures, sum it up marvelously.
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This is awesome and adorable, couldn't help but feel when i was watching that this was a little of a fuck you from Sugar to CN from when they refused to let Marceline and PB be a couple 😊
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Since when did Marceline and Princess Bubblegum become a couple? I thought they were supposed to be fighting over Finn.
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Actually, CN Supported this Sapphire and Ruby ship. Thats why it was added on the show. 
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Huh...well that's great 😊
they also openly addmited that Marceline and PB were in a realtionship too they just mutally broke up
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They did but when there was some "backlash" 😒, they had to recant but it is still heavily applied through out the series
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I imagine that Ruby and Sapphire have kissed before. :aww: 
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I think theyve made love before.
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Awww... so very adorable :3
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How fast do you guys draw this episode just came out last night
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