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Korra Objects!

By Yamino
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Korra, in Phoenix Wright sprite style!

Some people said her head looks too small. That's because I kept the same proportions as the game's sprites, which are made to look dramatic on a small screen. (The character's hands in the court scenes are bigger than their heads, to add to the drama.)

Here's a comparison over Mia's sprite: [link]
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I could totally see this.
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Oh god, and then a blast of fire swallows up the prosecutor... *Shiver*
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I think you did a great job on this and really love how you captured her expression.
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judging the comparison the left shoulder and the right arm is too big
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nice picture! you did an awesome job colouring it as well
in response to your worrying over having the head to small
you did infact keep it the same size
but you also made everything bigger as well (which in turn, made it small)
also you didnt foreshorten the arm which gave her a pretty big hand righ there
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Deadpool aproves
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Problem is the hand is bigger because of foreshortening, which you didn't do.
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"STOP RIGHT THERE. HATER SCUM!" First thought that popped into my head, seriously.

Korra's rocking the epic arms. I really like how big you draw her; I see too much of people making her too slender, which is really getting a bit obnoxious.
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"I shall not be arrested, foul metalbenders!"
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lol, this has got to be a plz XD
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Love the colors! Very nice!
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This pic is too awesome to only being displayed in this site!
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I really do love your Korra fanart! It makes me even me excited for the release of the first episode for the new series c:
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:giggle: She's all Buff an' Stuff!
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It's cool and nicely done. But I have to agree the head looks small. Korra has a different body type than Mia, so I think you should change it a little bit to show a more accurate drawing of her.
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very nice, looks right out of the game!
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I OBJECT YOUR OBJECTION! :iconoverruledplz:
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Thats kinda what I imagined when I saw that Korra Katara yuri.
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Dat bicep... :horny:

Do you do pin-up art? 'Cause I'd seriously like to see a Korra pin-up from you.
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Check my gallery, I have a lot of Korra fanart in the Avatar section. =)
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Oh, right... But I just can't get enough of her. Now with all the official sneak peaks and images of her you can use as reference, I'd like to see the best pin-up of her possible. Call me greedy, but Korra's just my obsession lately.
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She must have seen all the complaints about the last trailer that was released...

That, or she just saw "The Last Airbender."
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