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In the Leaves

A print for Animazement! Hope to see you there!
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emilybunnysoft's avatar <3 And adorable. I love it.
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Oh my god, their relationship is adorable XD . And this picture's great. The colouring and lighting's very lovely and well done, with some simple and well done details.
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m y girl pe r i
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This looks so awesome!! Can you draw me as a gem? If you say yes, I'll tell you what I want him to look like. If I have to pay money for it, just forget about it.
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Now this is the definition of cuuuute ♥
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Steven like... CUTE!
WhatPunCakes's avatar
Soooooo cuuuute!:D (Big Grin) 
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They look so peaceful :3
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I hope she forgives her. Everyone makes mistakes.

Good drawing by the way. I love periodot~♥
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This world is beautiful... and they've finally come to realize that.
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I can imagine this ending up with Peridot burying Lapis under all of the leaves in the forest
S0L0ngP4rtn3r's avatar
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so very awesome :D
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That is too cute!! :D
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Very sweet and cute. ^^
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This is so cute! I loved how Lapis was so fascinated by how the leaves changed color! So precious. ;w;
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So cute!! *v*
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