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Gemsona Fusion: Purple Ammolite

Purple Ammolite is a fusion between me and Ash's gemsonas:
Gemsona Concept: Bismuth by YaminoGemsona: Laboradorite by Yamino

I forgot to include the sketch of her with her weapon, but it's a scythe.  Thanks to everyone who came to my livedraw to watch me draw her! You can see the recordings here on our Youtube page:…
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Can You Draw Reforms?
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Aaaa she's so cool!!
You can add more info about your gemsonas you know...
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lol i've seen you on youtube nice work by the way
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You two must have worked on this together or your fusion would not have three arms. 
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Uh, since you love each other, why doesn't the fusion have just two arms
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Well Garnet has three eyes and two arms, and Ammolite has two eyes and three arms. Even the most stable of fusions can still have their quirks, at least that's how I see it.
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But the most stable fusion I ever saw was Stevonnie, and it broke at the end of the episode where he/she debuted
LadyinStumptown's avatar
As I said, even the most stable of fusions can still have their quirks. Stevonnie was also 75% human, and there's still a lot we don't know about them in general or how that kind of a fusion is different from full on gem fusion, stable or not.

Giving their gemsona fusion three arms was also a design choice choice the creators made together. Even the most loving of couples can still disagree, after all. 
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Time to put that into question when I immediately remembered that Garnet is a Fusion, and is so stable that Jasper had to destroy her body to break the fusion apart and was smart enough to keep the two away from each other, the only thing she didn't count on was Steven being only Half-Gem, so it didn't completely hurt him but gave him a tingling feeling when he went through the gate of his prison cell
LadyinStumptown's avatar
That doesn't have to do with anything I just said. While I think that with Stevonnie having more human in them than gem, they would be even more resistant to that kind of technology than Steven on his own, I think you're veering rather off-topic.

Can we just stop our discussion? I'm getting kinda weary.
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Your right, my head is hurting from the theories I don't wanna make, I just wanna enjoy the show like anybody else
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