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Gemsona Concept: Bismuth


I drew a gemsona for Gemsona Week on Tumblr! I didn’t have time to think of her weapon, though.  Any ideas?
Edit: I'm thinking a giant hammer! I haven't had time to design it yet, though.

I also drew my wife's Gemsona:
Gemsona: Laboradorite by Yamino

And our fusion!
Gemsona Fusion: Purple Ammolite by Yamino
Thanks to everyone who came to my livedraw to watch me draw her! You can see the recordings here on our Youtube page:…

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I really love the design on this! The colors, the design, the originality, its SO GOOD. He/she is a really good gemsona!(Sorry that I am using loads of exlamation marks and capitial letters, I just want to empisize words.) I also love the nice hair, like no other! And the star pupils, does are beutiful! I wonder what their weapon might be?(a spoon?! XD.) Anyways, my favorite is the gem placement, on his / her tongue?! Now thats so original!. You are a really good artist and I hope you make EVEN BETTER work(Im not saying that this is bad)! Congrats! :3
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awwww you also drew your wife's gemsona?! So cute!
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hai i like your art!!!! =DDD
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this looks better than canon bismuth! so cool
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She looks like Josuke Higashikata! Awesome!
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OKAY OKAY LOOK EVERYBODY. There is more than one Ruby in the show. There is more than one pearl. There is more than one of each gem. It is okay to have a gem that has the same gem as canon gems as long as it is not that exact gem or like related to that canon gem in any "Mary Sue" like way. Pearl has different forms. That is why your gem can look different from canon gems. *drops mic* (Lel that was fun)
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I love the hair it's really creative and well executed! Very Creative!
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I actually like this one better than canon Bismuth imo, no idea why
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ok this was made before she was made cannon
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I prefer this over Rebecca's Bismuth tbh.
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Same, at least the design 
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Am I the only one who thinks her hair looks like a big chocolate bar? xD (Sorry, I actually think ur drawing is amazing tho!!!)
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Bismuths Bizarre Adventure  
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A hammer for a weapon, perhaps? She looks like a hammer sort of person. Cool gemsona by the way! :D
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the hair on my halite was based on this picture a little bit, saw it on google images actually.
thanks for the inspiration lmao 
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I like this better than the actual Bismuth
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There are multiples of the same gem, so this gem can be canon
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She looks like Josuke from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
Awesome design, love the eyes.
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It's funny how Bismuth already exists and yet I like this design better. Good job!
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