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Coupl'a Connies

Not enough Connie fanart love.
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And it turns out that she's a sword fighter on the show
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That looks beautiful Heart 
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can i colour this for fun?
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Sure, please link back to me and credit me in the description. =)
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Wow! This is awesome and a I LOVE Connie!
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I was like "Yay Connie!" and then I saw her with a sword...and then I was like "OMG Connie and UTENA. Yamino-san must be an amazing person because only amazing people would draw Connie wearing Utena's uniform." :nods: ...seems legitCat nods 
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Glad you liked it. <3
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I love the work she is my favorite secondary character.
I am wondering if when over 18 if Steven and Connie had a baby if Steven would lose his ablilty and pass it down in a fouth of his son/daughter or if he would just pass it down in a fourth?  
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Why is Connie holding a sword- oh. I see what you did there. ;-)
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omg connie cosplaying as utena
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Haha, dat Connie Utena!
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I love Connie. Shes so cute and I just love the relationship she has with Steven. Its just so sweet. 
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Revolutionary Girl Connie <3
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These are so lovely! I adore Connie so much!
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