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Random Guy 01 lineart
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© 2007 - 2019 YamiKaosu
Something I randomly sketched at work...a couple of years ago. XD When I was cashiering and had to work until midnight, it would get rather boring, so I would draw. A lot.

His hair's kind of odd. But that's what makes it fun. X3

Other than that, not much to say about him. He was kind of drawn on a whim, so...yeah. XD

Maybe I'll give him a name at some point.

Character and drawing © Yami Kaosu
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Comments (3)
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:shakefist: Dangit! You're always so good with eyes!!

::steals his perdy eye and cute ear...runs away::
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YamiKaosu's avatar
Hey! He can't see or hear without those! *chases* XD

I like his hair, personally.
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KitFang's avatar
He can too! I left him one of each! XD
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