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Gabumon lineart
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© 2007 - 2019 YamiKaosu
Whoo, more old art~! This has been quite some time ago...I realize that it's not quite right, but ah, well. I like it, at least.

This time, it's Gabumon, from Digimon! I loved that show. The first season, at least. The second season was okay. After that? I kind of stopped caring. >_>;

Anyway, Matt and Gabumon were my favorite pair. Thus, you get Gabumon.

Gabumon © Akiyoshi Hongo/Yuen Wong Yu
Drawing © Yami Kaosu
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Comments (2)
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Oooh, excellent line-art.

But Gomamon was so totally cooler than Gabumon. ;P
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Aw, I liked Gomamon too. I just felt especially pulled toward Gabumon. XD
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