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Of All Things - Soul Silver Nuzlocke - Rules

I finally made a rule page. Holy shit! I've been getting the same question over and over about how/why I have an oddish as a starter, so here it is! In beautiful image form!

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Hinata-Wolf77's avatar
Amazing you inspired me to make my own nuzloke-challenge random Pokemon
unicorn9098's avatar
If you box a Pokémon, but they aren't dead (you just had to switch them out for a particular reason), can you switch them back at a later point in the game? Or are all boxed Pokémon dead and are unable to be used again?
Yamikaisu's avatar
As long as they aren't dead, they're usable.
Volstreed's avatar
I only read the detail about the stater now. This explains so much. x'3
julian0123's avatar
Well, ah explains a lot.
This must be the first Nuzlocke I see where the starter is a random Pokemon.
RegalWyvren's avatar
that last one is an interesting concept. I haven't seen it before.
vjpal's avatar
For my unova 300:omgkawaii:  skitty skitty skitty yes yes omg yes              Emote - Kitty glomp Pokemon Kaoani - Skitty 
vjpal's avatar
No my sinnoh
vjpal's avatar
Now for my unova roll
vjpal's avatar
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kakuna rolls again 677 solosis so cute and I'm playing pokemon black
vjpal's avatar
I rolled I got meganium :3
vjpal's avatar
(My favorite Johto starter ) I literally rolled a meganium so I just chose chickorita
vjpal's avatar
In heartgold she is my amazing chika
monet2002's avatar
Holy crap I just got my favorite pokemon as my starter ;-; i'm starting with a gulpin.

((It's my fav because my Swalot in X was the first pkmn to get to 5 affection in pokemon amie ;-; i love her to death oh my god.))

P.s. RIP Scribbles, i'm sorry popcorn was a dick to you -_-;;
The-Blood-Dragon's avatar
I think on number 3 you meant "set" not "shift", Shift is when you have a chance to switch out in between fainting your opponent's Pokemon, Set, you don't have that option.
Yamikaisu's avatar
Shiiit you're right. My bad.
The-Blood-Dragon's avatar
Everyone makes mistakes, it's what makes people people...
mysticalmew24's avatar
OMG i tried a random number generator and i got 151 MEW! 0.0
Yamikaisu's avatar
Have fun with your mewlocke
mysticalmew24's avatar
Lol I will have to do it now...especialy since mew is my favourite pokemon. YAY!

p.s. I love your nuzlocke. ^ ^
simperingidiot's avatar
Wow! Great rules, really thorough lmao. I'm impressed, they're different and really make sense XD
ezekielmourn's avatar
My starters a hoothoot
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