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Of All Things - Soul Silver Nuzlocke - Part 7

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Fuck outta my way, Team Rocket.
EDIT: Wow, that face on the last panel looked SO much better in the original... oh well.
EDIT2: TEXT! YAAAY! It will eventually be all text. I'm still working on it.

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it's funny... you'd think team rocket would learn after kanto that blocking 10 year olds from getting their gym badges tends to make very bad things happen... I mean they could have EASILY taken over silph co. but they obnoxiously blocked sabrina's gym for no reason and so red had to beat the shit out of them. Now here they are, 3 years later doing the exact same mistake of blocking gyms. they block the gyms here, you beat them up and kick them outta slowpoke well. They later cockblock you from fighting in mahogany town with the chaos at the lake and the redneck that tries to force his ragecandybar down your throat? You kick the shit out of them again for it. You'd think they'd learn that blocking gyms attracts powerful trainers' attention and makes them really pissed at you >>'
Team Rocket are just incredibly dumb, that is the only thing i can think of and of course for plot points.
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it's worse because... what does blocking the gym POSSIBLY accomplish for them? If you think that the stupid lone grunt at the door is really preventing the gym leader and all his/her gym trainers from doing something about it then you're nuts. Other than that, it does NOTHING for their goal of farming slowpoke well for the tails or taking over silph co while attracting unwanted attention and even if it doesn't somehow.... you're still wasting manpower blocking off the gym for literally 0 gain to team rocket themselves.... it'd make sense if blocking the gym off somehow helped their goals in these cities and yet these actions grant them 0 advantage while possibly attracting very large numbers of pissed off trainers who can't be total garbage due to the fact that they are off to challenge gym leaders who likely will be pissed that they can neither advance nor try to get the gym badge they need to get on with their lives... at least in the manga it'd make sense since... SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

Sabrina is part of team rocket in the pokemon special so obviously if she's in the tower doing things, she can't fight trainers for badges (though ironically they blocked the whole city off completely in the manga vs just the gym) but in the games sabrina is just a gym leader and in no format was bugsy or pryce ever a part of team rocket if my memory is worth a damn
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Wait for me.

*pulls out chainsaw*
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*pulls out amissile launcher*

ch-apocalypse's avatar
*pulls out a leopard with a heat seeking chainsaw launcher

hope I can see some blood :3
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Dat last Panel lol could be used for multiple reasons.
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Haha, I love that last panel.  It speaks volumes! XD
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it's refreshing to see these pages come back in my inbox and read them all over again just saying :y
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Haha, Oh Bob Saget. :meow:
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lol, master ninja
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That pretty much sums up what happened to me when I first played too. I was super psyched that it would let you walk past the guard guy, but then there was one in front of the gym. :XD:
Oh we'll!
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