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Of All Things - Soul Silver Nuzlocke - Part 51.5

By Yamikaisu
This one is pretty short. But I decided to start doing these in scenes as opposed to doing huuuge strips. That way when a scene ends, I won't run out of SPAACE cries
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So Red here is upset because of how Pokemon are mistreated... and on top of that, he's talking down on a child about his age...
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Overall, it makes sense. People do extreme things in extreme situations. Neither Red nor Yami backed down in that fight. Team Rocket and Red were enemies. I hope Yami gets to tell her side of the story to clear up people's impressions after she pushed Archer out of the tower. The dark aspects of the comic are fine by me, if I wanted something more about fluff and sweet dreams I'd read something else. This is one of the best Pokemon comics and it's a fave.
horserax's avatar
i'v cryed moor in this series then any other
cleo6288's avatar
(Last page) see's the next button squee clicks button see's page that has been read cries
sdarknessnecromancer's avatar
where have you Been all my life, next update?
benzo23's avatar
Need more now i need my fix
SilverstormXD's avatar
What happened to the AWESOME Red that is portrayed in a lot of comics...he turned to Ash (not in a good way)
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
why....why is this the last page? D'X I will eagerly await more comic. This is very well-done. Your characters are wonderfully written and developed and the entire story is intriguing. Amazing work.
X-Obsession's avatar
I just finished reading through your entire Nuzlocke... Wow, I can't even describe how much I love this comic! The art is amazing, the characters are amazing, the story is amazing! I love the amount of life you gave each of the Pokemon, and I definitely felt the pain when one of them died! Just... AH! Your comic just blows my mind! I love it!

Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait for the next update! ^^
And with this, I have read through all of the Soul Silver comics up to date in one sitting. Wow. I can't wait for the next update to come! With the way the story is coming I can't tell what is going to happen with everyone and that is an amazing thing to do with a story! Seriously, you could make some professional comics and sell them. 
cattykitten's avatar
when do u think next page is going to be posted?
LadyCaitlin0429's avatar
I've read from the start to here this evening (I love being a speedreader. I read the Hunger Games in 7 hours. :3), and I've almost cried, cheered when Yami killed Archer (I'm sick and twisted! :D), laughed internally and externally both at Yami's puns and when I realized most of the songs on my phone (which I was listening to) could be accurate background music at the parts I was at, and developed an emotional attachment to the characters you've developed. Well done! I'm gonna sit here, read more nuzlockes (Can this be considered a form of self-harm? Both reading and playing a nuzlocke? I think it can.), and enjoy my touchscreen computer I got for Christmas now.
LahhNeko-chan's avatar
My interpretation was that he really didn't had a choice, I mean Yami didn't back off when he told her (also considering it was her job to stop him for going any further in the rocket hideout she couldn't stop fighting) but one thing that defines battle is level and experience (with a decent level difference even super effective moves won't make too much) , if your have a high level pokemon against a weak level pokemon even the weakest move (like tackle) will make it faint or die in this case.
It's not easy to just turn your back on everything you believed was right, and you need to realize you need help, you need to change. I mean it took almost all the adventure in Johto (and a LOT of beating) for little Silver to understand that he was treating his pokemon incorrectly, even if he was taught that way.
powermenz's avatar
so are you going to make all your new strips like this ( shading wise)?
Yamikaisu's avatar
No it's just a flashback thing.
powermenz's avatar
oh ok i wouldve been fine either way
Silval58's avatar
A monster does without thought to their actions.
Mad-Plot-Bunny's avatar
Why do I picture that in Red's mind for pokemon who suffer under 'bad' trainers is that those pokemon live in constant suffering so in some freaky way he is having his pokemon put them out of their 'misery'. Of corase still a major no, no eitherway but I can see this possibility of reasoning. 
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Time melts away in this living inferno, trapped by a cause that I once understood. Blind obedience carries me through it all, do only what is expected of me.
broznik592's avatar
Red can talk?!?
I think the is red from the manga, that one can talk.
I call BS on Red.
Let me talk to you for a second.
OK, she ordered dead Pokemon to get up.
One small, tiny little problem, which, uuuh, I dunno, undermines your lesson...
Wasn't it you who killed her Pokemon?
She might not deserve Pokemon, but I don't think KILLING her Pokemon would teach her any lesson.
Yami, (to artist, that is) this is a small criticism.
Red is supposed to be teaching Yami (the character) a lesson here.
It's a bit hypocritical to KILL her Pokemon.
Just a quick thought, and not an order or a troll on "ugh, I would've done it like that, blah, blah".
I think it would've been better if Yami (again, character) had her Pokemon confiscated, rather than killed.
Whether by Team Rocket for being too weak, or by police for misuse.
Not saying you should rewrite the script, but a small nitpick, that's all.
Yamikaisu's avatar
I appreciate the criticism, but I'm aware of the hypocrisy. It'd be a major flaw in my writing if I didn't even acknowledge while putting this comic out that Red was calling her a monster while killing her Pokemon. But in his situation, he had no choice but to fight. And I've already established that you're not supposed to fight against people when your pokemon are underleveled, because they're really easy to kill.

The problem was (and I know that it's my failure as a writer that I didn't emphasize this) that Yami insisted on battling. That despite Fae (Arbok) getting killed she continued battling, making Red have to battle her and end up killing her Pokemon. What would happen if Red refused to battle? He would've been attacked instead. Yeah, he's much more powerful than her but that power doesn't count for anything if he doesn't fight back. His only option was to fight back. Yami sent her Pokemon to die, and made Red the reaper.

I understand that it's hard to pin Red down as a character. He's often depicted as completely infallible. But in this scene he's a child, no older than ten. He's powerful but emotional; self-righteous and angry. He hasn't achieved the silent hero status. Not yet.

Right now all he is is an angry kid who hates the Rockets. He's frustrated that Yami sent out weak pokemon for him to battle against. He resents her for forcing him to defend himself by having his Pokemon kill them. As much as he'd like to, he doesn't have control over how heavy the blows of his Pokemon are. Therefore his self-defense is also overkill. Confiscating wasn't an option here. He was in a Team Rocket base and they were trying to fend Red off by whatever means of force necessary.

As ideal as it would have been for Red to somehow take the high road in this situation, it isn't always possible for you to think out each decision you make rationally.

That was my mindset when making this page.  
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