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Of All Things - Soul Silver Nuzlocke - Part 5

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EDIT: Wow I didn't think I'd go back and hate my old writing, but lo and behold, I do. Oh well... ; u ; dialogue changed to text.

At a certain point in time, whether you expect it or not , your Nuzlocke gets serious. :U

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Aawww, Tatara is so cute!
GamersFanGames's avatar desu...cant...breaf
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super kawaii oddish
Ask-Down-Under's avatar
These are the cutest pokemon ever...I just...every time you draw them they're so cute! Cute Emoticon Blushing 
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"Go ahead, Scribbles."

Brow, you troll! ^^'
ch-apocalypse's avatar
seriousness comes at hand with loss
why did it have to get serious so soon ;-;
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Brow! You tell her!
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A new character who (Gijinka) I think wears gloves. Yay! :dummy:
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Tatara, Jockey died, he didn't try enough, sure he was at a disadvantage being born as a rattata, but that is not why he died, he died because he didn't fight to live, only fought for just fun. Fighting is preserve your life, not to be put in some video game made by a Japanese man who owns a company named Game Freak, who got turned down for his idea multiple times by Nintendo, until it was accepted and became the highest selling rpg and highest selling portable game of it's time, fight like you mean it, strive harder because you are a rattata so you may dominate all those who say you are too weak. 
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Tatara is so cute! So is Brow, Scribbles, and Petal!
Kitta-Furen's avatar much angst...stored in so much cuteness.
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Tatara is so fricken cute
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; A;
Tatara, she's kept her promise so far :<
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aww she so cute
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Too CUTE!!!!!!!! :iconamgtouchplz:
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Tatara is so cute! <3
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