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Of All Things - Soul Silver Nuzlocke - Part 1

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First Page: YOU AT IT

EDIT: Re-lining and shit because tablet demands it! >:v

Starting up a Nuzlocke challenge on Soulsilver with some buds of mine! We all rolled random Pokemon to be our starters. I got Vileplume ;__;

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JTTWlover's avatar
Oh my gods so cute.
JoshtheOverlander's avatar
Rolling random starters? Sounds like a neat idea. Think I'll do that if I ever have the chance.
EclipseofPhoenix's avatar
How do you role a vileplume?! XD
horserax's avatar
random starters? thats cool!
cute <3 time to read another comic
ch-apocalypse's avatar
aaaaaaw they're all so cute, I could just drink them with some ice and syrup :3
TheDannyMan's avatar
But Vileplume/Bellossom and Noctowl are quite good, actually, right? The only one who's actually disappointing as a Pokémon is Pidgey. The crap thing with Oddish is that you get your elementary stones really late in the game, and a Sun Stone is nearly impossible to get in a Nuzlocke. ^^'

Ehhh, rambling aside, fun page. :meow:
PokeSpeBanette's avatar
except if you make the bug catching contest a rule that you get rid of the 'only first thing' like i did. 'fuck metapod i want sycther!'
hedgepaw's avatar
AWWWWWWWWWWW (uni brow cutest!)
ZuesKillerProduction's avatar
*fanboy scream*

It's so Kyute! Soooo Cute..Onion 
KillerShark101's avatar
Scott Pilgrim vs. The Pokemon World
Yamikaisu's avatar
I've actually never played/read the Scott Pilgrim series. My inspiration from this style came from JTHM and Panty and Stocking.
Azurynn's avatar
Unibrow Hoothoot made my day. xD

Awesome comic ^-^
Neon-Blue-27's avatar
"I got Vileplume."
And you made it a Bellossom.
Yamikaisu's avatar
Yep, the roll only determines what evolution tree you choose the primary form from.
Neon-Blue-27's avatar
Let me just say that I have read all of the pages of Of All Things so far, and while it is a bit odd and embarrassing sometimes due to dips in the quality of writing, mostly early on, in general it is a very fun read, funny sometimes, and very emotionally deep. Few comics actually manage to make me cry, ever - but this one has done it two or three times.  Additionally, it has perhaps the most complex, interesting protagonist of any Nuzlocke I've seen - because she's not a good trainer, or even a good person, when the story starts. That was a really bold move on your part and it lead to some amazing development and inter-character conflicts.
Yamikaisu's avatar
Thanks for the compliments. After reading this comment I went back and reread it and I do see what you mean when you say its quality wavers earlier on. Now I'm thinking of rewriting the beginning once I'm done with the Goldenrod arc. I really don't feel like I get as much critique as I should. Thanks so much for your constructive input!
Neon-Blue-27's avatar
I wouldn't advise doing that - a lot of wonderful Nuzlockes have rough or inconsistent starts. It helps show how the author is growing as a writer. The comics still fit, all things considered.
Yamikaisu's avatar
I wouldn't be deleting the old ones. I'd just be redoing them and putting the old ones somewhere else. But I see your point. I guess I'll think about it. 
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