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These are my online prices for the commissions. My prices are completely different from conventions for a reason.

NEWS Changing my prices again. Unfortunately, I have to get them up again due to the fact that with all the work I do on them. Shipping has also change for everyone.

I will accept Paypal for now. Also, I will send a high resolution print via mail (I will give you a paper copy and a numeric copy, if you want). I will also ask if I can put a lower resolution copy in my gallery.

(*) Sakura Pigma Micron pens .005, .01, .03 and 1 (Mostly used for lineart)
(*) Prisma Color Markers (Color)
(*) Watercolor (Color)
(*) Photoshop CS (Color and Black and White)
(*) Manga Studio EX 3.0 (Black and White)

1. I will only take 10 commissions at a time. You need to NOTE me to get a spot.

2. I accept to do fanarts as well as original characters. For the OCs, you need to give me a very good description or references.

3. There are certain things I will accept to do and some things that I will not. Here's the list of what I accept to do: Yaoi/Shounen-ai, males, females, fanart, Tasteful scene / kissing scene, hetero couples.

If there's something I haven't say in the list, I will let you know. Tasteful scenes include kissing scene, make out scene, scenes where people are half-clothed and cuddling scenes. The moment we see genitals, I will refuse. Also, you will need to be 18 and over, depending on the request.

4. For fanarts, I do not know all the series that you like. PLEASE ask me the series that I'm willing to draw or not.

5. I have the right to refuse your request if you do not respect the other rules, especially #3.

Prices List:

All price are in CAD$, since I live in Canada.

Shipping and deposit

Shipping: I will accept to ship the commissions everywhere. Depending where you are, the shipping will vary.

Canada: 2.00$
USA: 3.00$
Overseas: 4.00$

Deposit: There's a 5.00$ of deposit if I accept to do your commission (Except if it's lower... Then it's haft the price). You will pay the full price when the work will be done; I will send you a preview of the finish work.

Extra characters (price per characters): 2.00$
Shounen-ai/Yaoi: 3.00$
Elaborate background: 4.00$

One character:
Color: 25$
Black and white: 20$
Lineart: 15$
Sketch: 10$

Two characters:
Color: 30$
Black and white: 25$
Lineart: 20$
Sketch: 15$


Colors:… -… -…
Black and White:…
Lineart:… -…
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Would you be willing to do a Dir en grey fanart for me? *A*
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YamiJayHobbyist General Artist
Anything in particular? Before that, send my a note about commissions. That way, it's easier to trace keep in track what you want.
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yamilizHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wished I had money. :(