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CT - Lucian Silverling by yami-izumi CT - Lucian Silverling by yami-izumi

 Lucian Silverling
Job: - (civilian)
Race: Hume
Age: 11
Sex: Male
Height: 142cm/4'7"
Birthday: March 13

Character Traits:

Sensitive | Sympathetic | Helpful || Stubborn | Demanding | Crybaby

- quiet room
- hugs
- soft smell of perfume (her mother's especially)
- warm food
- lullabies and folk songs


- being yelled at
- noise of shattered ceramic/glasswares
- his step-father
- lightning
- blood

damphyr Background

Lucian's mother, Cecilia, was born as one of the high priestesses who hold the ability to control the power of the clear crystal, though not as strong as the past or current Queen (who also has the high priestess blood). In order to maintain a high priestess' social standing, the convent would arrange for them to be wedded to noble men. Cecilia was no different. Fortunately, her husband loved her whole heartedly and they were blessed with a son, Lucian. Their happiness came to an abrupt end when the husband died in Battle of Antimore 5 years ago. Cecilia, now a widow with 6 years old Lucian, was taken back by the convent and being remarried to another noble. The boy, however, wasn't brought to his step-father mansion for the noble didn't wish to have him around.

Living as the only boy in the convent made him feel very lonely. The power of the crystal doesn't run in the blood of male offsprings and so the elders didn't really care about him. Other younger ladies were too busy undergoing high-priestess training or being married away. He didn't go to school, and his only friend was the gardener uncle who came once a week. The man taught Lucian how to read and write, told him stories about the heroes who saved the kingdom in the battle which killed the boy's father. Cecilia could only visit Lucian few times in a year whenever her husband was away which only lasted for few hours on each meeting. 

Five years passed without Cecilia being able to give her husband a child. She had been living under pressure being blamed for her infertility even though she had Lucian before. Not going to live like that anymore, Cecilia fled from the mansion and barged into the convent to take Lucian with her. Unfortunately her husband was fast enough to catch up with them, bringing his personal guards to arrest them-- maybe also getting rid of the kid while they're on it. Frightened and bewildered, Lucian heard a voice in his head, something akin to sixth sense. 'Make them dissapear'. The next thing he remember was his palm pointing at the soldiers who burst into bloody pieces. His surrounding suddenly became very quiet, until his step-father yelled: "Kill that cursed child!!". Cecilia stepped in to buy her son some time to run away while he still could and whatever happened to her after that remained unknown to Lucian. 

It was his first time going outside of the convent for 5 years. He knew nobody in the city, nor where that kind gardener lived. Hiding in the alleys of Agaresh, Lucian found a piece of KuPost newspaper where it wrote about Project Glory and the past heroes who were going to join the mission. The boy knew those names-- he's been listening to their heroic stories at the Battle of Antimore, and figured out that they would help him saving his mother. Sneaking into a merchant's caravan, he set off Agaresh to find the heroes before his step-father did.

damphyr Chocobo Relation


damphyr Guild Relation


damphyr Trivia

- His oversized clothes were given by a group of merchants when Lucian was stranded in Almandunes. It was 'outdated and unwanted', they said, though actually they were just concered with this stray kid. They gave him a haircut, packed him with a knife and some items before seeing him off.
- Silverling is his late father's family name who he loved very dearly.
- He has been following KuPost news from places to places, until he knows that most of the heroes' name he memorized are in Jasper area.
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