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November 19, 2013
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons by *yami-izumi
Featured by Lyricanna
Suggested by chibainu
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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

I can't believe I got a DD...thank you very very very much I can't express what I'm feeling perfectly with words right now-- I feel so honored it almost brought  me to tears. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!!
IT'S 5.15AM WHAT AM I DOING :iconraginglenplz: but I can't let myself sleep when my artdrenaline is kicking in like now. Drawing the lines in this was kind of...meh, it didn't turn out like what I wanted... When I started coloring this, it was another meh too but SUDDENLY I FEEL LIKE...IDK, HOW DID IT TURN LIKE THIS?? THIS IS JUST BEYOND MY SKILLS I JUST....WOW. How did I draw that torch manually without any custom brushes tho... I need to get myself in trance mode like this more often <><>

So yeap, done trying my best to get over The Last Remnant for a month after I finished the game, and tried Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (hallelujah Steam's Halloween Sale). Saw the trailer and review, my first thoughts about this game were 'so beautiful!', 'great music!', and others along those line. They're right though, the game was amazing. I truly enjoy playing it and dwelling into the world where the brothers live! And after I finished it...


I hope by the end of this week I will get over this game and try Journey (which has been sitting there untouched for weeks).
Lately these type of exploring games have been my favorite, especially those with deep understanding and complex fantasy world history. Will hunt for more later! if I have the money


Oh and, I like the big brother more. He's hot and has nice voice. :iconhurrplz: AND STRONG AND RELIABLE AND EVERYTHING

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (c) Starbreeze Studio
95% done in Paint Tool SAI.
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*Spoilers Ahead*

I wish they didn't kill the Older Brother. I'm sorry but he was my favorite of the two and, I have a question, if they were going after the "Water of Life," then... Why didn't it revive the older brother? I mean think about it. Water of LIFE.

Okay I'm done with my rant .-. (So sorry)

Beautiful artwork! 10/10 IGN
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It was supposed to be a miracle water that heals any sickness, not bringing back someone to life. Sad but this game feels really empty in the end because big bro traded his life for his dad, who is older and of course die faster in long run <_< But guess that emptiness is what make this game fantastic after all.

Thanks for the rate <333
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Wow this is amazing!
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Just finished this game.  I am so upset yet I want more!!
MapleAndAnimeCrazy's avatar
I haven't cried that hard in a long time at a game. It was soul-crushing, my heart still aches when I think about it. 
yami-izumi's avatar
I do too, we all do :icontouchplz:
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I knew something was going to happen... but I never thought of something like that. Never has a game made me cry so much like this one has. It all started off so nicely, then it became scary, followed by slight sadness, slipping into morbid and finally ending... the way it did.

I.... I am not ok with this game. Not ok at all. Tree of Life my ass...!!! *rolls into a ball and sobs quietly in a corner*
yami-izumi's avatar
:icontouchplz: Tree of Life that couldn't save a single soul
what a plot twist indeed :iconlazepoolplz: *joins you in the corner*
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*hands over tishues* Someone came up with the theory of the equal exchange, like in order to save one life another must be sacrificed. But the soul is not eternally lost as it is reborn within a griffin.

The same griffin that appears at the end... know what I mean?

But still.... *honks into tishue*
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I think I've also had my soul taken by this game....I haven't cried like that in a looooooong time, let me say.
But this is great! Great action perspective and lighting. It looks just as scary as that scene in the game, but at least big brother's here. Really Sad 
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--at least big brother's here. :icongyaaplz: don't remind me of the scar on my soul...
thank you very much for the comment! <33
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Can I use this for my Brothers review (mainly as a thumbnail)? Of course I´d credit you properly. ^^
yami-izumi's avatar
Thank you very much!
And yes, you can :') I'd like to read/watch the review too when it's done hehehe~
Edenfilms's avatar
It´s online. You can turn on English subtitles to understand what I´m saying. ;) -->… linked your image in the video description. And I posted it on our Facebook page:… Thanks again! ^^
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I got the game through Xbox Live gold free download thing, I had seen Cry's play through pop up in my subscription feed a long, long time before that though but I ignored it. Playing the game for myself, I was taken in by the visuals, the story, the language (it was fun reading the body language) and the world itself. I loved how it was bright and colourful in some areas while dark and creepy in others and the music is a thing of beauty.

Seeing the hanging bodies in the trees on the third chapter (I think) was creepy to say the least and I wanted to know more on why they were there, in addition to wanting to know more about the region. The Griffon was the cutest thing ever (squee!) and the giants two levels after , hearing that horn ring throughout the valley was eerie as crap, especially among the bodies of the giants. The whales were adorable too. That ending though...

But my story is hardly interesting. I love the artwork here, the older brother protecting his younger brother from the pack wolves in the dark forest. The fire was drawn superbly and the wolves in the background are creepy, the lighting I feel is realistic and the bodies in the background hanging from the tree brings back that intrigue and fear. It's a lovely piece of work that is.
yami-izumi's avatar
Thank you very much for the comment!:love:
And I do agree on how you described the game; it was simply beautiful. It left strong impression in everybody who has played the game (and cried).
Divea's avatar
This is so amazing!
And... I like older brother too <3
yami-izumi's avatar
Thank you very much!! Yes he needs love >,<
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This is amazing... This game... I watched a playthrough (batclone yay) and oh... Oh... This is my second time watching it (Wow how have I only watched it 2 times geez) and oh... I can't... IT KILLED ME.

SpongeBob (Cries) =me
yami-izumi's avatar
You have to play it for yourself to feel the true terror :iconrussiarapefacepls:
kysl7777's avatar
. . .

XD Alright, but I don't own one of those controllers...
yami-izumi's avatar
I used keyboard and it was fine hahaha
kysl7777's avatar
okay cool i'll have to try....

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