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Serenity in Blue

One among the many gift pictures I gave to when I went to visit her. Tis both of our shark characters dancing in water. I've not done an aquatic picture in ages nor one at all with Brook so I figured now would be a good time. XD
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Nahimaa's avatar
cool pic--love the blues
kenzeekat900's avatar
ohh so pretty! X3
I love you charaters expression and the water effect!
i didn't know that sharks had ears though... lol
JamarBHSamurai's avatar
Amazing love the colors too
Overlander-X's avatar
Lemme guess... Tiger Sharks, right? XD

Wow, it so pretty... I love it. :D
Rotfederchen's avatar
I want to be one of their race. swimming the whole day, being a good fighter, yea I'd like this life :D
AnyalLyn's avatar
Superb! Execleent choice of style and colors!
mcfuzzy20's avatar
The water looks really cool. Nicely done. :salute:
take my love
take my land
take me where i cannot stand
Love-Maker's avatar
very beautiful.

*looks for the button*Faves*
psychopath01's avatar
beautiful and somethingg new;p
its all...pretty&&stuff! i like the water..

and how they have feet
and tails.
SO perty :D
JWiesner's avatar
This is so cool. It reminds me of times where I loved to dive in pools. :D
Renegade199992000's avatar
your drawings are unbelievable, It's goin to take me years to be able to draw like u, alvin-earthworm, and well just about everyone else.

keep up the good work i really enjoy it!
tiburonwink's avatar
Its amazing I love seeing other shark artwork I didnt think there were any other sharkie furs
blizzardfur's avatar
Those are great, What do you call those creatures?!
FroFro567's avatar
Lovers!! ^^ I wish I could draw like you. ^^
JunkoTsukashima's avatar
Oh wow, they're gorgeous! I love how they're positioned for swimming, and their hands, how they're maneuvered in the water.

>> I am also a sucker for aquatic animals <3
WhiteFurr's avatar
Love da blue water coloring U ROCK!
Sunsetflames25's avatar
Teh sharky peoples make me want to hug things <3 Kudos ^^
slash333's avatar
Ok i love sharks...i love anime/manga and now...

I LOVE THIS ar eso talented, one of the first brilliant pictures i've sen for a sharkanthro, its brillaint seriously.

FAVED (i like your avatar to...its cute)
:w00t:Awsome! A Great fusion,with sharks!:D
Their drawn shearder-shark style,right?
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