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Make Your Move

And make it carefully...

Haha I know, lame. Anyway, this was actually a pinup commission from 1crazyivan1 on FA. Fortunately and unfortunately I took that opportunity to try my new painting technique and I'm both happy and unhappy with some parts. I go back and forth but overall I feel I made progress and I am happy with it. Does anyone know what this should be marked as since she has no "lady parts" actually drawn (though she is naked) I HATE HATE HATE that little foot...Shoulda covered it up with blanket. Fft.

I totally have those glasses and I'm totally wearing them on my head like that right now. Lawl..
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Hmmm, I know she's a shark, but the coloration and facial features remind me of Midna from LoZ: Twilight Princess. In a good way, just to be clear. :>
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If only Brook was real :please:
AIyxz's avatar
Never really seen a Shark anthro quite as amazing as yours .

Love the picture the shading , eyes .. lighting , everything is absolutely amazing ~
LunyToastyWolf's avatar
very beautiful <3 work wow *favs* and i saw a video of you in a suit of your character it was cool looking ^w^
Grinningsunknown's avatar
I'm basically tempted to make a move myself.............................despite her biting me..possibly. XD
rorpuissant's avatar
It make me think she's a real tsundere in an anime ! Great pic anyway.
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This might sound like a odd question,
but do you ever wish that you could be her?

And also, The Frost Queen?
Don't you think she's a bit hot to be the frost queen? XD
yamer's avatar
At times I do, usually when I feel like kicking someones ass. XD

She gets her title "Frost Queen" because of her very cold personality. She does like to tease a little, like in this image, but really she wants nothing to do with anyone and is usually alone. She has a cold exterior which hides the hint of a little bit of love/emotion inside. The only thing that gives that away is her pink eyes.
julibugs's avatar
in the description you said you hated that little foot.
you could always cut, copy and paste it into another window and whizz on it...

dunno if that'll work, it might make it look better...
or might just end up looking mutalated. either way, just an idea.
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Great job it looks awesome :D
yamer's avatar
Omg your signature hahahahaha. XD
veangence383's avatar
Kick ass pic except for the breast. Call me crazy but breast without nipples just don't make sense to me. What purpose could they serve? I know shes a shark which would negate breast all together. I'm so confused. *head explodes*
Some of us just like nipples lol. And since this is my favorite character yamer does it would have been nice. But it's still awesome without them.
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I knew there'd be someone who was pissed she has no nipples. XD I DID IT JUST TO PISS YOU OFF!! WOAHAHA. XD
It didn't piss me off it just confused me. Truth be told I'm still a little dazed lol.
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So this is for the most part lineless right? I've been trying to practice lineless work but i can't seem to fill up figure like you have here x3 do you ever stream? I would really love to watch you work one day x3
yamer's avatar
Its.....technically not lineless..I did ink the entire thing and I left the ink on there but made it veryyyyyyy transparent, almost invisible. I felt just a little bit of a hint of ink is what it needed.

I do stream from time to time (there's a link in my journal to my stream page) but I don't currently have any streams planned. I do want to do some more in the future sometime and I'm open to suggestions on what to do! Thanks! :3
MasterZero's avatar
hohohoho~ Brook is damn sexy this way <3

I think you did a great work here C:
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