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Lovers In Paradise

Starring the two of the characters from Uberquest:
Mason Hamrell as Adam And Sesame Akane as Eve

Lovers in Paradise by Yamatoratsu
    Millions of years ago, the universe was completely dark and empty, until the creator used his power to caused the lights to suddenly appeared, and for that he created stars. And with the stars he made he created an entire galaxy. The entire galaxy with its own solar system appeared, in the one particular planet known as Earth is the true source of origins. The first day, each planet is surrounded by its moons, and in the center of the solar system came a star that burst into flames which are now dubbed the sun. And for created the solar system along with its ocean of stars, he created the entire universe.
    In the second and third day of the event, the creator uses his mighty elemental powers surrounded the Earth with land, sea, and air. Surrounded the planet with many types of biomes, then he brought life in nearly the entire areas surrounding them with plants. Some of the plants like trees and bushes grown to fruit around them. And in the fourth day, the creator uses the power of light onto the sun and the power of darkness onto the moon to divided day and night on the Earth to start time and began the four seasons.
    The creator knew the planet was lonely inside, in the fifth and sixth day, use his powers of life to surrounded the entire planet with millions of animals that belong to both land and sea. The underwater animals lived in oceans, rivers, and lakes. While the rest of the animal kingdom lived on dry land. The creator then used clay to create a unique animal that can walk on two legs and can talk, a human male (or man for short), he called his first one Adam, and like all animals he was naked. Adam then opened his eyes and was amazed at curiosity around him even look curious about himself. He began asking himself, "Who am I? What am I?" Then the creator spoke to him "You are the first human I made, a male one, or in this case a man, and you shall be named Adam." Then Adam asked the voice he never heard before, "Who are you?" Then the creator said, "I am your creator because you are my creation, and I gave you all life on this planet."
    Later, the creator never knew the names of the animals he created, so Adam who began exploring decided to help him by naming them one by one. By nightfall when he did his long task, Adam was looking at all the animals who were both the same species each male and female loving each other. Then, Adam was saddened over loneliness and shed his tears. He then asked the creator, "Father, why I am the only one of my species? I know surrounded by my animal friends, but why am I feel so lonely? The animals have loved ones of their species, but I'm the only one that doesn't have one. I wish there's somebody of my kind I could be with." And so, Adam laid down on the ground and cried in his sleep. The creator knows that is creation was saddened without a mate. Then he thought himself, "Why don't I make a female human, a woman? That will definitely make Adam happy." So the creator put Adam into the deep sleep, then using his powers he grabbed a rib bone. And with that same bone, he successfully created a first female human (or woman for short), then he named her Eve. Like Adam and all the animals in the kingdom, she is also naked. And so, the creator placed Eve next to Adam and put them both to sleep next to each other.
    In the next morning, Adam awoke from his sleep, and he was surprised to see that he is not alone for he spotted her. And Eve also waked up and surprised to see him too. Adam asked her "W-who are you, and w-what are you?" And she replied in confusion, "I don't know, and I don't know what you are..." Adam and Eve got up and look closely at each and find out one thing in common, so they both said at the same time, " You're a human just like me." Adam and Eve were both amazed to see each other so Adam asked, "My name's Adam and I'm a human male, a man. What's your name and what kind of human are you?" The creator answered, "Now that question I can answer! I found out that you were all alone without a loved one to be with like all the animals in the kingdom, so I created her. This is Eve, the first female human, or a woman. And she will be your loved one and mate."
     Adam was so happy to find a female of his own species and Eve who felt sorry for him being lonely decided to be with him always. And so Adam and Eve became the best of friends and true lovers, both naked in nature and not ashamed of their bodies. Adam and Eve look at each others body, and they both look different. Eve's body was soft and have big lumps on her chest with nothing in her bottom area. While Adam's body was hard, and he had small lumps in his chest with a stick like-thing surrounded by round things in his bottom area. Their bodies were both different must of been due to the fact that they are both the opposite gender, but they both know that no matter what their bodies have, they are both the same species. They both look at each other's eyes which began twinkling, for now, they both now know they meant for each other. And as a symbol of love and friendship, Adam picked up a flower and place it in Eve's hair. To Adam, she looks beautiful, like to Eve he looks handsome.
    Adam and Eve joined each other in happiness, playing and exploring the entire garden. While walking along in harmony, Adam and Eve they befriended many animals in the Garden of Eden. And from the primates, can learn to swing from vines and they both learn to climb, especially trees and rocks. They both discovered they can eat many fruits in the garden, except the only one which is in the center of the garden. The golden apples in the Tree of Knowledge and surrounded it was an evil serpent named Lilith. And when they near the lake, they both discovered what they can do with water, they can drink it to quench their thirst: they can bathe in it to cleanse themselves: they even can swim in it. So Adam and Eve got to the shore and they both dive in. While swimming in the lake, they befriended many underwater animals they encounter. Adam and Eve even played with each other underwater, even cuddling each other. Later, Adam and Eve came to the surface and they use sunlight and wind to dry themselves. At the surface in nightfall, Adam and Eve came close together, while sitting on top of the hill both look at the moonlight and the starry sky. Adam and Eve truly are soulmates, and so they both got up, and then they both hugged and kissed each other in true love. Afterward, they both laid down on the ground, which they both side by side sleeping with each other.
    But, their happiness will come to an end, for Eve was woken up by a mysterious voice that wasn't the creator's and was hypnotized by that voice to follow it. Adam was also woken up and saw something strange to happen to Eve and he followed her. Eve followed the voice to its source, the Tree of Knowledge, And the one spoken to her was none the serpent herself,  Lilith. She spoke to Eve, "Come, my dear, here have a bite out of this fruit. Trust me you will enjoy the taste." And Eve still mesmerized by Lilith's tempting voice in her control, Eve picks the golden apple from the tree. Adam then saw her and shouted, "EVE! NO DON'T DO IT!" But it was too late, Eve had taken a bite out of one of the golden apples. Afterward, Eve opened her eyes in consciousness, and she saw every disaster strike at their own home around her.
    Eve apologizes to her animal friends for what happened, and they all know it wasn't her fault. Adam then got close her and comforted her. Eve said in sadness, "What have I done? Adam, I am so sorry", then she shed her tears onto him. Adam, he said, "No it wasn't you're fault someone made you do this." And then out of exposition Lilith said, "That is right, it was I Lilith! I am the one that uses this innocent creature to my advantage. I controlled her to eat the golden apple from the forbidden tree, and it was brilliant." The creator then found the evil serpent and banished her to the depths of the earth. Saddened by all this the creator had no choice but to banished everyone in the garden, including Adam and Eve who were both covered in loincloths made of plants. And every species of animals and their mates had no choice but to leave their old home, go in separate ways to their new locations. Including Adam and Eve who stayed together side by side as always, and like all animals in the kingdom, they both try to find themselves a new home. So, what happens to Adam and Eve after the tragic disaster to the garden which was once their home?
For the creators of "Uberquest", I hope you like fan fiction story, even though it is based on the Creation story. I just thought that since Mason and Sesame will make a great couple, I've decided that my story will be starring that loving couple as the main characters. With Mason Hamrell played the role as Adam, while Sesame Akane played the role as Eve. Hope you guys like it.
Note: the characters in this story are really anthros pretending to be humans
happyguy1 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
I like this it's a very creative story with elements from the book of Genesis.   
Yamatoratsu Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
Thank you
happyguy1 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
You welcome :)
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