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- There will be delay for shipping and shipping fee to some regions might be increased due to the current virus outbreak.
-  Prices updated! [27.06.2021]


- All commission information in this journal are for personal purposes only. For commercial purposes, please contact me.
- NO: Mecha, Animal, old/muscular characters. If you're unsure about your characters, feel free to ask.
- Commission's form:
   + Character's information: (Name, Reference, Personalities)
   + Commission type: (Inking / Portrait / Half body / Full body / etc)
   + Method of payment: (Points / via Paypal)
   + Shipping: Yes / No (Traditional types only)
- I may upload finished pieces publicly, please state in the form if you want your commission to be in private.
- For clients pay via Paypal:
   + Process: Digital rough sketch → Payment (within 48 hours) → Base color sketch → Finish commission
   + Please provide your dA username when you send payment.
- Return Clients: (won't be combined with other discount offers at the same time)
   + Client who orders more than 5 times will receive 3% discount for your next orders
   + Client who orders more than 10 times will receive 5% discount for your next orders + free shipping (traditional types) + 1 bonus sketch when you order on special events: Valentine, Christmas, New Year.
- For traditional commissions, I ship worldwide with registered mail (including tracking numbers). Shipping fee depends on package weight and country, usually $7-$15.
- In case your package get lost during shipping, I will refund 100% of shipping fee.
- If your commission is too difficult / disturbing to me then I have no choices but to turn you down, my sincere apologies.
  For custom comissions like: manga pages, tattoo commissions, frame GIF, character design, etc, please contact me.

- INKING [Traditional - Max 2 characters]: 70$ - 200$
  * If you have no specific request about the pose (headshot / halfbody / etc), I will do everything on my own.
Commission: Saeko and Akashi by yamashyn Dysthymia by yamashyn Commission: Naori by yamashyn  Spirited Away by yamashyn Commission: Luxor and Xavier by yamashyn

  * Avatar/Profile [Max 2 characters]: $30 [+ Additional character: $15% off]
  * Full-body: $60 [+ Additional character: 15% off]
   Kimetsu no Chibi by yamashyn

  * Digital: 60$ [+ Additional character: 15% off]
  * Traditional [max 1 character]: 60$
  Commission: Eli by yamashyn 2020 ID by yamashyn

  * Digital: 80$ - 120$ [+ Additional character: 10% off]
  * Traditional: $80 - $120 [+ Additional character: 10% off | Max 2 characters]
Galaxy Bath by yamashyn   Hanabi Fox by yamashyn  Commission: Jaeyoung and Rozelle by yamashyn Iguro and Kanroji [YCH Sample] by yamashyn

  * Digital: 120$ - 180$ [+ Additional character: 15% off]
  * Traditional: 100$ - 150$ [max 2 characters || + Additional character: 15% off]
Commission: Ella and Noelle by yamashyn     YCH Commission: Lin and Ky by yamashyn  BlaCr _ Retro Duotone by yamashyn

- R18 COMMISSION [Digital only]:
Prices updated [20.03.2021]
- NO: BDSM, Gore, Violence, Rape, Children.
- Simple background only as I focus mainly on the characters
- For 1 character option I only draw female character
- If I find your request too disturbing, I have no choice but to turn you down. My sincere apology.
- If you wish your commission to be annoymous (means I will not post them publicly/use for samples), please tell me.
01. Simple Type
Half-body: $60 [+Additional character: 15% off]Full-body: $80 [+Additional character: 10% off]

02. Layers Type
Max 2 characters
Half-body: $50 [+Additional character: +$40 || +layer: depends on their design]Full-body: $75 [+Additional character: +$60 || +layer: depends on their design]

- SKETCHPAGE [Mix-media]:
  * Type A - 1 character: $150
  Including: 1 headshot + 2 halfbody + 1 fullbody with screentones
  Commission: Yin by yamashyn
  * Type B - 2 characters: $250
  Including: 1 fullbody + 2 halfbody with screentones
  It is possible if you want different poses (e.g: 2 fullbody + 1 halfbody), please contact me
    Commission: Dunn and Abaddon by yamashyn Commission: Sonia and Yin by yamashyn

  * Price range: $180 - $300
  * Including: Front view + Back view + Simple parts (weapon, accesories, etc)
  * Add side view: contact for more detail
  * Please note that for this type, I will paint in simple cell-shading style as I will to focus more on character's details
   Commission: Regalia by yamashyn  Commission: Flare by yamashyn
© 2013 - 2021 yamashyn
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yamashyn's avatar
Do you mean if I can do wallpaper in 4K resolution? If so yes, I can do that ^^
xionkeyblade's avatar

Oh my God! I have to wait till the end of the month before I can pay for the next commission! T^T

yamashyn's avatar
;w;` aa it's alright! I'm happy to know you'd want to order more ;w;`:heart:
xionkeyblade's avatar

Yeah! and I don't want to send you commission info until it's closer to when I can pay you proper

yamashyn's avatar
Feel free to send me note whenever you're ready! :heart:
MaelysTremblay's avatar
Hello !
I'd like to know which is the size of traditionnal ink commish ? A5 ? A4 ?
yamashyn's avatar
Hello! For inking commission I draw on A4 sized paper ^^
MaelysTremblay's avatar
Ok, thank you ! I'll commish you later (I'm not sure when) I need first to do a proper reference of my character !
yamashyn's avatar
No problems! Thank you for your interest. Please send me a note whenever you're ready with references ^^
MaelysTremblay's avatar
de-mise's avatar
Are you open for comms for June?
ajdjdks I love your art so much :iconpapmingplz: I can’t help but come back each time :’D
yamashyn's avatar
Aww thank you so so much! ;v; I really appreciate your support :heart:
My commissions are definitely open this whole year. So feel free to contact me anytime you want!
de-mise's avatar
Ooh, that’s so nice to know!!
I’ll note you in a bit╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚
de-mise's avatar
Hi! It's me again xD
I'd like to get a quote first :0 A headshot to halfbody couple inked piece, with an underwater theme. I'd like to have it shipped as well ^^
yamashyn's avatar
Hello again! Thanks for your interest :'D
Please send me a note with more details~
JulietWayne's avatar
Hello! Is this still open by chance? X3
yamashyn's avatar
Yes, my commission is still open. Please feel free to ask anything ^^
JulietWayne's avatar
Oh! How much is the inking for 2 characters, full body? With a background. 
yamashyn's avatar
The price range would be from $40-$70, depends on your characters' designs and background
Please send me a note whenever you're ready with their info ^^
JulietWayne's avatar
Sent and thank you!!!! :3
JulietWayne's avatar
Oh yay! :) i would like a slot please! I will send a note for the info in a little bit :) if that’s okay!!
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Hi hi!

I was wondering, how much would a commission be to get a couple fullbody with a background of a city at night time??
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