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  • June 17
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My Bio

My name is Oliver. You may call me this, Olly, yam, yama, or yamashta.

I have gone by other names in the past, but they are not my names.

I am a multi-media artist that dabbles in pixel art, very rudimentary 3D sculpting, digital painting, cel, flat, copic marker, prismacolour and faber castell coloured pencils, polymer clays, apoxie clays, painting, flower arrangement, gardening, whittling, collaging, cooking and baking and more.

I have a passion for nature and enjoy hiking and taking walks, and observing animals (all, be it bird, reptile, mammal, invertebrate, etc.) behaving naturally in the wild, as well as researching and cataloging fungal/lichen species and where applicable taking spore prints. I am an avid researcher in the things I am passionate about, and love discovering new native species I did not previously know about.

I am born and bred in Oregon and while I am weird, I do not like the 'Keep Portland Weird' mentality. You could say I'm the kind of hipster that doesn't like other hipsters because they're too hipstery and hipsters are mainstream.

I have pets, (cats, leopard geckos, and the leopard geckos' food source of insects) and have raised and reared Lepidopteran species multiple times and enjoy observing them and Anthophila species, native ones in particular. I like macabre but do not like macabre portrayals of real animals, as I am sensitive and find it disturbing.

Extending onto the macabre however, I enjoy fictional macabre/horror and the interesting creatures and beasts that can be found in the genre. I am a fan of Alien (thus a fan of 'xenomorphs' and H.R. Giger artwork) as well as the original Silent Hill video game series. I enjoy psychological horror and find mindless gore and torture to be unpleasant and boring, however gore with story is perfectly fine.

Although my topics may be drab or inconsistent, I like a number of them and am capable of drawing cute, scary, ugly, semi-realistic, cartoony, stylized, natural, fantastic, robotic and abstract things. I have vision issues that affect my ability to perceive certain colour variations (I am not colour blind, however I struggle to see colour shades if they are close to others) so please be patient with me if my colours do not seem perfect. It has taken me a long time to realize and acknowledge this.

My commissions are not first-come first-serve. I am personal with my commissions and take the time to analyze each character/subject before attempting to draw them. I take into consideration things like colour (namely due to my vision issue), complexity (until I find a better way to lineart things I dislike overly detailed things because it is very tedious and often looks stiff/poor in the end, thus negating the hard work put into it), topic (I am not comfortable with all topics, though most are just fine, including adult/mature artwork), image size (I am hoping this will be less a factor now that I have a larger monitor (and have two working monitors) and admittedly, history.

If you have commissioned me before and our transaction went smoothly, I am very likely to accept another commission from you. I actually enjoy repeat customers so don't be afraid to come back. I've had a few repeat customers express concern with returning to me and I will assure you right now: I don't mind it. So long as our exchanges have been good, it should be fine.

If I think of more to add to this bio I will but for now, that's all I can think of. If you have any comments, questions or concerns feel free to contact me. I have a bad habit of not checking here very often so be patient as it may take up to a month or more for me to get back to you.

Favourite Visual Artist
H.R Giger, Suehiro Maruo, Hans Bellmer, Kaneoya Sachiko
Favourite TV Shows
Fraggle Rock
Favourite Games
Tools of the Trade
these hands
Other Interests
Entomology, Mycology, Gemology, Herpetology, Taxidermy

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Phraggle General ArtistFeatured
:party::icongigglecake::party: Hey old friend!
yamashtaHobbyist General Artist
Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the birthday wish! I havent had internet since my birthday and still dont so it gets tricky finding ways to check online.
Phraggle General Artist
Phraggle General ArtistFeatured
yamashtaHobbyist General Artist
Thanks Nick! You always take the time each year. It's very kind and appreciated. ❤
Phraggle General Artist
You're very welcome. It's always a pleasure. :aww:
yamashtaHobbyist General Artist
:heart: :aww: