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I don't know what to think about her role as the new Wolverine, but the suits fits her pretty well
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I must say I don`t like the Wolverine-suit on her so much. My favorite costume is her X-Force-suit. BUT I like the Wolverine-Suit in your version! It looks better when the yellow is more orange or brown and the lines, hair and pose looks very dynamic even she only stands there! Great job! I wish someone like you would draw her comics since she wears Logans costume.:)
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The suit does looks amazing on her! She can pull off Logan's color scheme well! :) Though I very much love her X-Force costume the most. The black and gray-blue are essentially her iconic colors.

By the way, why are you on the fence with Laura as the new Wolverine? I mean, I was heavily worried of it at first too, out of fear that she'd lose her identity and become Logan 2.0. Which sometimes did happen, thanks to awful writer, Chris Hopeless, or whatever his name is. But the other writers did a good job of writing her in her new mantle I feel!

What about you? Why were you unsure of her new role as Wolverine?
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Well, what do you think of her role now? I was unsure at first too, since I was afraid she'd loose her identity by becomign the new Wolverine, but I started to like the new series.
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i still have some mixed emotions about her new role, but i can live with it
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I love your work and her new suit.
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Absolutely amazing ! Please do a Catwoman in your serie of heroines please !!! It's my favorite character. Fan-Tas-Tic job, love jour style !
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Same here. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but damn that suit is the best she has had since X-force which was top tier.
Great artwork! Super high quality work.
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Very good job on X23. :)
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love it! your art is always so high quality and really captures the characters very well. and i agree she makes that suit look great! :D
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glad to hear that! thanks!!
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Incredible artwork. Great work
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thanks a lot!!
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Love this. Just gorgeous.
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thanks a lot!!
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aaaaaaaaaaaaah! hecho con lo ultimo en digital, no lo puedo creeeeeeeeeer!
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asi es!!  lo ultimo en digital esta aca!!!
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New Wolverine?  Which series is this?
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A reboot from the previous reboot. I think it's coming in the next months
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