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The Witcher portraits

Fulfilling the request of you guys, here's the full size group art.
Hope you enjoy! And thank you all for the favs!!

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WOW, you're like the official witcher cover artist! Hey wait, are you?
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One of my favorites!
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Well think I found my new wallpaper. Thanks! Very cool art :)
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Thanks for your job
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thank you for your support!!
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Thats tree portraits are amazing
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Wow. It's a really fantastic portraits. :) You make
 really beautiful art works. :)
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OMG!!! I just love this picture! :la: It is so amazing! :la: :heart:

I have a quick simple question :) Would you mind me to print it on my own cup? Pretty please :3
If no, then I'm totally fine with that :)
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This is really great! I especially love the hair, I've been struggling with painting hair properly for forever
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thanks! glad you like it!
it's a matter of practice, just keep it up and you'll reach as far as you want!
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Bro.. No words. Pretty nice Job. Just love'em *--*
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glad to hear that! thanks!!
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Gorgeous work! The portraits highlight each of their characters/personalities as well as their signature pendant. The background is a great touch as well :thumbsup::D Awesome work! Thanks for a great wallpaper.
You use one program for all your work? (PS?)
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thanks a lot for your support!! yes, I use PS over some pencil sketches
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Very nice and true to the original! Are you going to do more? Ciri perhaps? :3
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thanks! I'm gonna work on that!
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if that aint the sweatest beard, face and hair combo, then I dont know what is
Simply amazing, as always!
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Oh! my fucking god!!! 
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