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Street fighter-art 2

Street fighter IV artwork made for an iPhone application
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A battle than keeps going non-stop. Talkin' 'bout "sibling rivalry", huh? 
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indeed. funny thing is that my brother and I play sf since always. he plays ken an i ryu. best matches come out of this!
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O dios! this is a hard battle...
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cant find enough words for how awesome this is!
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glad to hear that! thanks!!
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Beautiful, Beautiful!
Eyes of the tonality of a White Dwarf Star.

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as I am a lover of good poetry are rhyme with colors and lines!


and my script [link]

Street Fighter – Chronicles of a Saga
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best gouken i seen on the net.he doesnt look like a steriod using freak
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glad to hear that! thanks a lot!!
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a true battle of fate. lol I'm a crazy akuma fan XD really nice work
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glad to hear that! thanks!
the two brothers fighting together? I LIKE IT!
very good work especially their poses ^^
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thank you very much!
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OMG!This is goddamn cooooooooooool!!Amazing poses and coloring!Instant fav!:heart:
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thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it!
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el fonfo quedo re bueno!!!!
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Mother Trucker!!! This is Fantastic work! Curious, what do you use to color?

Amazing piece! :)
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Thanks! I use photoshop and tablet
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mutante te quedo eso.
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Jesus, you made this? If so I need a freaking teacher.
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yes I did. practice is the key
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