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Soul Calibur IV Sophitia

Sophitia from Soul Calibur series
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Amazing work, I am a huge Sophitia Fan.
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Strong piece. I love her strong and tough stance and expression. Manages to be sexy, elegant and fierce at the same time. Well done!
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Sophie! Out of her 2 kids Patroklos is the one I just can't like. >.>
she is keeing someone in the nuts haha
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One of my favourite characters in the franchise, that's for sure.
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My favourite character in SoulCalibur! Love her Heart 
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awesome character she is!
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I can see a tiny bit of her areola. But awesome work!!!
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LOVE it YamaOrce! :)
I prefer your more "realistic" take on Sophitia : super HOT! ♥♥♥
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Thanks a lot Jenny! I'm planning on giving her a remake ;)  glad you like it!!
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I really do!
I m a fan of history and I like the more "accurate" look more than the fake toon-like swords and outfits :)
And you STILL make it ultra seXXY: proving you can have BOTH! :) ♥♥♥
I want to know, what these clothes call
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Great Sophitia! Her face looks quite a bit like Christina Applegate, was that intentional?
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Haven't played IV but I played V and must say her son is kind of a douche
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i totally agree
you have to play SC III, it's the real deal
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I'll give it a look see when I can and if I can find it.
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this is hot!
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