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Commission work
Hope you enjoy it!
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This is awesome. Is it for D&D?
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Very distracting adversary. As you're attempting to gaze at all the detail, she's already sliced you up.
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Unless you're playing a racist dwarf, in which case it's, in essence, "Wha-der-ya-mean distractin'?! Spider-buggering-knife-ears ain't even got hair below her ears, let alone a proper beard."
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Thegodking12Hobbyist General Artist
I'm running Sorceress after this. This is to awesome. 
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a frightening yet beautiful lady! great work!
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Well, well, it's about time I commented on this gorgeously evil piece of eye candy.

Okay, now, I'll be a bit more personal here: <very personal mode>it does resemble something we're used to see here on dA... but, even then, it is still exceptionally well done. Fan service really is no excuse for ignoring the fundamentals of anatomy, and you showed it here in the best way.

Of course, one must remember that this is a commission, so am pretty sure it was the client's idea. Since they didn't complain (I hope), neither will I. If I was the one commissioning, though, I'd suggest a more sensible outfit, like in many of your designs. There is something interesting about the armor pieces she's wearing, think about how would be the entire set. (That, or... I have this strange idea of an elf/drow... in a black suit, white shirt, black tie and shades... think Men In Black, only elven/"drowen"... oh well, best leave it for someone to commission you. Someday.)</very personal mode>

Ahem. With all that out of the way, I would like to compliment you for making a beautiful, yet truly scary drow. The dark area around her eyes really sells it. Her smirk, her pose, her unusual attire... seriously, that feather cape, who knew? Pity we don't get to know her name. Then again, drow names tend to be harsh to the human tongue, anyway.

Finally, the million prize question: ...is she evil :dummy: ?
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This is a drow, and having been through decades of pictures and written descriptions of drow magic users, this is pretty culturally normal for them and actually has been for a very long time. EDIT: correction, on second thought I am wrong on that. No spider motif.
And given that she fits the cultural norm in manner of dress I would be inclined to say she is still somewhat within drow culture which would usually indicate evil leanings.
However, the cloak of feathers indicates a possible affiliation with things that are distinctly NOT Lloth. I would go so far as to say that this drow might even be a servant of the Raven Queen if she is from name brand D&D. Especially given the feather motif in the clothing as well.
If such is the case it is more likely she is of the more neutral persuasion. I would say this is especially likely since her amulet? I think it's an amulet looks like two ravens back to back.
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BlueDiscipleHobbyist General Artist
Had a Drow Sorceress in 4e, just to squid darkvision. Drow skin tones are so hard to draw, but yours is perfection. Of course, in 5e just about every race has darkvision. 😉
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
it was pretty complicated to achieve
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I stumbled across this thanks to the Pathfinder SRD.
I'm glad you let them use images like this one. It really helps spice up the place.
I'm also glad people who make great fantasy art actually put it out available for the broad public to enjoy.
Thanks man.
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
glad to count with your support!!
thanks a lot!!
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I love your fantasy work so much you are literally going to make me wear out the favorite button.
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
it's great to hear that! thanks a lot for your support girl!
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dragonx81Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Zireael07Hobbyist Writer
This is amazing!
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If possible, please let me know how much a commission like this would cost.
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LeonitusHobbyist General Artist
I've never seen a sorceress with a sword before. Interesting.
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Just how many Sorceresses have you seen?
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LeonitusHobbyist General Artist
Too many to count.
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
thanks a lot!!
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Bittersweet-KatHobbyist General Artist
Very nice.  I love the lighting, and the colours.
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