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Just finished this round! I'll keep on working on with more comic heroines
Any suggestions?
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Oh my. LOVE this series!!! Would you be willing and available to do commissions in this style? If so... for how much?

As for ideas... Jessica Jones, Red Sonja, Sailor Moon, Quake, Buffy, (evil) Willow,  She-Ra, Dark Phoenix, Psylocke... :giggle:
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This set is so good. Storm, Spider Woman, Barda, and Scarlet Witch are standouts for me, but they’re all amazing.
Suggestions: Emma Frost! Starfire, Dark/Phoenix, Black Cat.
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these are insane! When's the next set due? Keep up the good work.
I love the designs
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Who's that between Zatanna and Wonder Woman?
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she's Big Barda
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I'm just used to her samurai looking outfit.
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Big Barda. I see now.
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Absolutely flawless work. I can't say I particular enjoy all renditions of the heroines, particular those with the ''sleazy'' costumes. Infact, I don't much care for some of the artwork in your gallery because of it...

...But 7 of them are marvelous, especially X-23! I love, love, love you're style in general. You have a very crisp and clean way of drawing. :D Keep it up!
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I can't wait for your next works on this serie ! Hope it will come soon ! :D
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it's on its way!!
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Wow im in love with this <3 <3 its gorgeous to see all of my female baes looking fantastic
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Great works
spider gwen , white canary
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Polaris please...& Moondragon.
Black Canary, Catwoman, rest of the Birds Of Prey maybe?
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Are you ok with me using the pose for "wolverine" for my own blank variant? These all look great by the way! Van.t wait to see more :)
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sure! go ahead! thanks for your support!
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Thanks, and your welcome :)
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DC's huntress and black canary. 
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It is a terribly big pity that Supergirl is not in this ;) :'(
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she's set for the next round of sketches ;)
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