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A commission of a Pathfinder group. Hope you enjoy!
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Warrior design in the center is straight baller. Good stuff in this gallery.
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i love your jobs but why you don't make full hd your drawings ?
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glad you  like my work! some of my work belongs to their respective owners, so i can't share them in hi-res
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Funny how that spellcaster in the back looks almost exactly like my Half-Elf (including the wings), minus the hair. Cool shit, yo.
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Wow - This Is Wicked.
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Epic battle scene :)
Absolutely gorgeous. I ran my party through this fight at the beginning of the summer, some interesting parallels in party structure. Half-Elf Sorcerer (Arcane bloodline), Elf Druidess, Human Ranger... (rogue, barbarian, fighter...). Odd one out is the bard, I had Dwarf Cleric instead. Fantastic fight. This image definitely captures the epicness of the encounter. Nice job.
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haha that's great to hear! thanks a lot!
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Love it.  Very awesome
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Nice work with the flames and the light. It really does have a major effect on the image as a whole.
*thumbs up*
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thanks a lot!
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Oh, tell me that's the Vordakai fight from 'Kingmaker'
I'd love to know the party make-up
Hey, NRawk. I'm the DM. Aasimar sorcerer (celestial bloodline), gnome bard, halfling druidess, and human ranger. All around level 9-10. 
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A whole lot of badass going on!
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thanks a lot!!
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Stunning lighting effects!  I love it!
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thank you very much!!
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por favor te lo pido, me voy a volver locoooooooo!!
como esta esto por favore! 
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muchas gracias fari!!
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PATHFINDER!!!! Heart Heart Heart 
I used to play that game!! :D
GREAT one Yama! Love 
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pretty awesome game it is! i've been into it myself for a while!
thanks a lot Jenny!! glad you like it girl!
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