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Pathfinder-Palace Guard

By YamaOrce
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For Paizo Publishing
Hope you enjoy!
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AnnikaLeigh16Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank god, some proper female armour lol
This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the hatching! The surface of the metal and fabric look so cool!!
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Sif, is that you? Where have you been?;)
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Love this design. What type of armor is that?
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
it's a very high fantasy banded mail
glad you like it!
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Dire522Hobbyist Photographer
Even years later, I'm constantly finding myself in awe of your art.  I'm also so glad you have this one here...I think Paizo intended it to be in one of the books where this character appears (Book 5 of the Iron Gods Adventure Path - "Palace of Fallen Stars"), but I did a to of looking through my Iron Gods books and couldn't find her anywhere!  The groups I'm GMing through that AP are about to reach the palace, so I'm happily going to be able to show them this soon! :)
YamaOrce's avatar
YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
that's great to hear! thanks a lot for your support!
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NesoKaiyoHProfessional Traditional Artist
Love the design!
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IsaacChamplainStudent Digital Artist
I like this character design.
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Darkharp182Student Traditional Artist
Is that Everdyne from the Hunger Games? (I'm going to get murdered for spelling her name wrong, aren't I?) XD NICE WORK!
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MoonlightHawkHobbyist General Artist
She looks so heroic! Battery La  Nicely done.
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
glad to hear that! thanks!!
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Is this still deviantart? Sensible looking armor? here? blasphemy? seriously though it looks great, +1 for no boobplate
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I wish i could like your comment.
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Most artists diversifies a lot their designs , RPG books are full of designs of this kind between others . You would know if you werent too Focused looking for pictures of Big cleavages.
Charios's avatar
are You following me or something?
DieHard300's avatar
What I follow is artists of roleplaying books , I check their works oftenly and your comment was the second most recent so it was right at the Gate when you enter the deviation.
Charios's avatar
Fancy meeting You here then. This here is a well thought design and armor actually looks like armor.
Because of that i didnt mention that silly double headed spear. In this case combining
those two tips into single halberd like blade would be far more efficient and stylish.
DieHard300's avatar
A good Armor design is that one were the armor pieces adapt properly to the Body and doesnt collide in a way they will make Basic movements Impossible ( most World of Warcraft armors are examples of Bad designs) .
In roleplaying books the armors are almost always well designed becasue of that , not becasue they cover more or less , there's real armors that covered very little and Cloth armor still considered armor .

That's true about the weapon , putting a Big blade or blunt head in both ends is so Impractical that even hardly looks good , I like fantasy designs even if they are not 100% useful but those kind of "Double Weapon" designs goes too far . The only way those could work is by making those blades much Smaller , or at least the one in the gripping end.
Charios's avatar
It's always good when angles go a little off the body, adding some extra protection without adding weight. Most of the times(if not always) having secondary blade facing opposite side is a bad idea,
again, dont use stuff than can hurt or even kill You.
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
thanks! glad you like it!
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This picture is somehow even more gorgeous than your other great work; something about the lines and colors just resonates like a bell.

Your fan,

YamaOrce's avatar
YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
thanks a lot for your support Nonie!
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This is impressive. I like the thought you put into armour and how it is presented.
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Ulisses7Student Digital Artist
Dude Your work is absolutely amazing. All characters drawn by You are absolutely one of a kind! Can't wait to see more of you characters :) You Should add Your characters to Your ArtStation gallery :)
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