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January 8, 2013
Pathfinder 1 by *YamaO
Featured by alexandrasalas
Suggested by SavageFrog
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Pathfinder 1

Sample illustration

*DD!! Thank you very much for your support people!! and many thanks for all faves and watches
More of this stuff coming soon!
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are you an official illustrator for Paizo?? :D

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Awesome! can't waiting for your tutorials.
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I honestly think I'm beginning to love your art more than Wayne Reynolds.  I mean I love his art too, but this stuff just SEEMS like it should be the iconic pathfinder art.  Amazing job!
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it's great to hear that! thanks a lot!
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What a great piece! I love Pathfinder and I especially love its art. You did a great job at capturing that epic spirit! I just started a blog for Dungeon Master advice, and seeing one of your previous comments giving permission to use for personal use, I added it to my first article with a link to this page and name credit. If you would like me to take it down, please let me know! Again, great job!
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It's great to have your support! thanks a lot!!
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Oh man, I love all of your stuff. Do you do all digital, or do you ink then scan. What's your process. Do you have any speed paint videos i can watch. Your style is so amazing and it inspires me to improve my digital art.
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glad to hear that man! it's an honor! I work with photoshop over a pencil sketch
Ill be posting some tutorials around september.
thanks a lot for your support!
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powerful illustration! You have such an impressive gallery, keep sharing your work!
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thanks a lot for your support!!
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Something about this reminds me of Dragon's Dogma. I really like this! 
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glad you like it!
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I heard about you over on Facebook. Great stuff! If Paizo themselves are not picking this stuff up yet, then Wayfinder should be.

Do you ever do stuff for D&D campaign settings?
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Late to the party, but following links around tonight, and found these Pathfinder illustrations....WOW. 

I thought I was looking at pieces that were commissioned BY Paizo.  These are incredible.  If you are interested in getting Paizo's eyes on your work, then please consider donating your talents to illustrating a piece or two in the Wayfinder fanzine.  We are always interested in finding new talent to show off to Paizo and the 3PPs!
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it's great to hear that! thanks!!
i do some art for 3rd party publishers
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thanks a lot!!
Fighting-Man, Magic-User, and Cleric, together again.
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Quote, "Daaayum." unquote.

I am loving everything from the colors and how they play an compliment the scene, to the dynamics and action.

I know some movies that I wish conveyed as much force and emotion...
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i'm really glad to hear that!! thanks a lot!!
definitely, this is wonderful)))
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