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Meredith Comm

By YamaOrce
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DnD Character commission
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I want her pet! :la:

Meredith d'Cannith, my Artificer:Armorer. As always, thank you Yama for doing a commission for me! <3

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I love this, especially the arms, feet, trousers and of course the dragon! <3

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Fantastic work, well done.
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Now this is really impressive!  The armor, rifle, the mechanical dragon every bit is Wonderful.
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Robutt steampunk dragon so cute!! :D:love::heart:

It's her homunculus :)

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The design is gorgeous! I love the dragon! :love:
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Very nice design. 

A bit odd to see both a flintlock pistol and a cartridge rifle on the same character, but definitely interesting. 

Are her arms covered in some kind of armor plating or are they mechanical replacements?

She is an Artificer: Armorer from DnD 5e. Quote from the rules, " Second Skin. The armor’s weight is negligible, and it becomes formfitting and wearable under clothing. If the armor normally imposes disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks, the power armor doesn’t. "

Her rifle is infused with "repeater" so it ignores the loading property. Her pistol is her spellcasting focus for her Firebolt spell.

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Oooo, love the little clockwork dragon.
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nice work dude

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Awesome!I love the armor especially ^w^
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