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Dnd characters for fun
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A very cool looking couple. ;)

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Such a brilliant pairing. :) Fabulous work, mate.

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I love this! So much more character in this than your typical grip-and-grin or hero pose. Bravo!

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"An Eldar and a Squat? Heresy!"

"It's D&D."

"In that case, an odd couple that works."

And I bet more than a little romance too, Nice work,

amigo. Very cool.

Machi00's avatar

She's all cozy I love it

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Marshmellomeat's avatar

God I would kill for her outfit. Haha wonderful character designs, both of them are just visual eye candy- all the little details are a pleasure to take in

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You don't see many elf dwarf couples due to the ancient stereotypes set by Tolkien and enhanced by Warhammer. But this one really works for some reason.
zwartekraai's avatar
A lot better than the one in the Hobbit.
Auginator's avatar

Plus this Dwarf actually looks like a dwarf, unlike a certain beardless dwarf from that movie.

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I would read a novel or watch a D&D stream staring these two. Great characters.

RadicalEdward84's avatar

I also like staring at them, but I guess you meant starring ;)

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Another reason not to drink and browse DA.

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I am drawing a young muscular she elf warrior but she'll be limbless and blind because her ennemies just cuf off all her limbs (and eyes)

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The odd couple lol
zwartekraai's avatar
They look like a power couple.
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