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Geralt Portrait

Trying out some new brushes.
Hope you enjoy!
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the true geralt, not pretty boy netflix version

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Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

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I love the brush work!

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Really expressive!

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dammmmmmm...... nice....

Well done.. Whats your Rates$$
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The witcher, right?

can anybody explain to me how to reach this level? what's the progression?

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Practice and study the old masters is what I do. It doesn’t hurt to study more contemporary art as well.

I guess only the books by Loomis aren't? enough? ah!
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It’s an acquired skill. Just keep up the study and practice practice practice. 😎

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It’s a slow progression, but some learn faster than others.

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Beautiful art<3

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Looks awesome!! Love it!😍

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Woah, I love the style of this a lot. This is super inspiring. ^^

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Amazing work!

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If ONLY  he wasn't a ripoff of Elric of Melnibone!!! :(  
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Dang, this is sick!!
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As a high school student going into art as a profession, any tips on this style. I find that your work looks so natural, but I can't get it that way. Is it possible I'm trying to get things to look perfect? Should I avoid that to achieve a similar style? Like, what are some things I should do, and things I shouldn't. You have some incredible pieces, might I add :)
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How I like this
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